STP: Dead Strike Review

Gamers have had lots of time to study and identify their own preferences in the sport of zombie killing. Some revel in mowing down hordes, while others take their time studying and picking off one groaner at a time.

Since zombie slashing games have been worked into something akin to art, Dead Strike for the iPhone and iPod Touch has no place among the most celebrated (or even moderately appreciated) titles in the survival horror genre. This zombie game is a slum-dweller: its poor controls, frequent crashes, and awful hit detection are only of interest to super-hardcore zombie fans who simply must shoot 'em all.

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3038d ago
Cutter203038d ago

This game is laughably bad. You have no idea where you're going and there's no save points.

Viewtiful3038d ago

Haha That sucks, could have been cool. Maybe the big 1.5 update will help it out.

Cutter203037d ago

Here's hoping... the graphics and animation had potential.

3037d ago