Two Worlds 2: Brand new HD shots shows interface and gameplay

Brand new HD screenshots of Two Worlds 2.

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villevalorox3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

look like my kinda game :D. 1st I have heard or seen anything of it. was the 1st one good?

kingdavid3268d ago

No. Shoouldve been called glitch worlds.

This needs to fix firstly the glitches and 2ndly tighten up the gameplay. The screenshot looks like its on the right track.

vhero3268d ago

Looking really nice :)

FCOLitsjustagame3265d ago

The first one had the following:

1. Terrible voice acting and dialogue
2. Terrible framerate (on 360)
3. A few glitches but mostly its the framerate and the voices that get you.

The voice acting starts to get amusing after a while. The plot with your poor little sister has a funny perspective to it (basically the sisters look). Over time playing it I found that there was a lot to do, a lot of quest and loot to gather and bad guys to face. Overall I thought it was a good time waster and I spent about a month with it and wouldnt mind going back and clearing up some stuff I left undone. But you really need to have the tolerance to get beyond the terrible frame rate and the voice acting/scripting otherwise it will be just an aweful experience for you.

I am actually looking forward to #2. I think if they put forth effort to fix a few things the series could be as good as Elder Scrolls for me. And since there is no Elder Scrolls in the immediat future I am really rooting for Two Worlds 2 to live up to my "just fix a few things" expectation.

3268d ago