Bioware unveil 'cool surprise' Mass Effect 2 artwork

The Lost Gamer writes "Bioware teased yesterday that they had "a cool piece of artwork" coming our way today, and it's just been released on the official Mass Effect 2 site."

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Zishyfish3274d ago

Slow Down! Leave a little suspense for when the game comes out.

Tony P3274d ago

It's something new everyday from them.

Not that I'm complaining.

Perjoss3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

free marketing i guess.

release a bunch of screenshots (easy enough) and the websites scramble to be the first one to tell everyone about it, lots of people end up either finding out about the game for the first time or being reminded about it, again.

farsided3274d ago

And they've only actually unveiled 2 vids this week (purely for promotional purposes) and a pretty piece of artwork. As far as actual unveils, they've yet to truly reveal the armor customization outside of one pic, and the only example for facial customization came from some obscure German vid. We're yet to get like half the team's bios, and other than knowing there's a ton of new types of weapons, we only know that 4 of the new ones are an lmg, a beam rifle, an smg, and a rocket launcher. They've still got plenty to show us.

As for the artwork, it's currently set as my background.

3273d ago