HDTV shots from Call of Juarez

High Definition (HD) screenshots from Call of Juarez for the Xbox 360.

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power of Green 3966d ago

These pics don't even do the game justice yet still look stunning. The vibrance and detail are stellar in this game. The 360's graphical capabilities are going to blow our minds in the coming years.

SmokeyMcBear3966d ago

whats with the floating guns, thumbs and fingers should be included.

original seed3966d ago

I wish it would have lasted longer. I beat it on easy in 9 hrs. However, im still searching for more achievements.

dachiefsman3966d ago

I have the same one!!! So is this a rent or buy....I thought gun was a great game but not worthy of a buy...does this game follow suit?

Shake3966d ago

Play like 2 hours or maybe 3 hours the most a day...then it will last a bit longer,thats what i always say!

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The story is too old to be commented.