Rumored 'Call of Duty: Vietnam' To Be More Story Heavy?

While not official, there have been several rumblings about Treyarch's next installment in the white hot Call of Duty franchise. Specifically, the current rumor is that Treyarch's Winter 2010 entry into the series will be based around conflicts regarding the Vietnam War.

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Gandalf2907d ago

Just make the story like Saving Private Ryan, and you have an epic story.

pxpxp2907d ago

Yeah, i think there is potential for a good story, since there is not a lot of vietnam games out there, there is still a lot of terrific stories to be told.

darkmurder2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

As long as this one doesnt screw multiplayer over although again itll suck, better matchmaking with more boring weapons sigh.

jammy_702907d ago

but 4 some reason i really want medal of honour to be better...

StanLee2907d ago

I still maintain World at War is the best Call of Duty game made this gen. Everyone was overly critical of the game because it was set in what is admittedly, a stagnant World War II setting. Even the multiplayer was more balance with more balanced maps that the Modern Warfare titles and Nazi Zombie was a phenomenal addition.

Hellsvacancy2907d ago

Ill guess we'll all find out in 6 months time

sikbeta2907d ago

Yeah, like the Movie Saving Private Ryan, not the great story just the length, like +2 hours campaign?

Prototype2907d ago

IF this is true, can we have the A-Team in it? I'll buy it then :D

freeblue2907d ago

to something someone else did.

i would love to play a game where US get its ass kicked. just imagine the new controveral village scene.

MerkinMax2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Did anyone else here enjoy World at War more than MW and MW2? It felt more epic and it seems like World at War was a better looking game too. Oh yeah, Nazi Zombies > Spec Ops anyday.

bjornbear2907d ago

not only that, but it will be a game where you play the loosing side, which i think is unique.

I'm tired of the whole "YEAH TESTOSTERONE WOOOOOW WE WIN EVERYTHING" kind of idea, so it will be interesting to have to survive ambushes etc (i know WaW had something of the genre but this will be absolute defeat =D)

Elven62907d ago

Saving Private Ryan a epic story? Hardly, the only thing worth watching in that movie is the opening sequence, the rest of the movie is garbage!

How about better war storylines like that seen in Band of Brothers, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Forgotten Soldier, Das Boot, Flags of our Fathers, etc?

It really won't take much to make a COD game "story heavy" since the storylines are usually so ridiculous! With most COD games it's like your witnessing something made by the Propaganda Department since they always have over the top and uber glorified scenarios. Has a war game even gone as far as trying to humanize those around you? I know Velvet Assassin is one but that game has a ton of other issues.

DasBunker2907d ago

screw private ryan

full metal jacket FTMFW

The Happy Baby2907d ago

Emptyin clips, while "Paint it Black" plays in the background...
this takes me back....

LOOKOUT! theres Charlie everywhere!

creatchee2907d ago

Problem is, TREYARCH is developing this. Their CODs are always overshadowed by the previous and upcoming installments by Infinity Ward. Since this would be COD's first foray into Vietnam, I would MUCH rather see Infinity Ward tackle it. I mean, there is LOADS of potential for awesome gameplay (jungle traps, napalm, blowdarts, etc) and I think that IW is more adept at coming up with the new stuff while Treyarch is best when they take things that IW develops and just updates/contextualizes it.

There have been a few other games about Vietnam that come to mind, and none were all that great. Hope this turns out to be different.

IaMs122907d ago

I too would be awesome to play as the "losing" side because it would make more epic scenarious and gameplay wouldnt it?

I use the term "Lose" loosely because America did not lose or win Vietnam, all they did was go in, kill bunch of people and 50,000 of themselfs then pull out. Thats it, didnt change a thing.

Its also Politically correct to hate America, anything Anti-American is Politically Correct in todays world.

I find it funny that people hate another country because either they think they are stupid and such but in reality their country is no different, America is no exception.

People overestimate America but at the same time underestimate them. I find it funny that people hate America for going into a country and trying to help, instead of sit back and watch it tear itself apart, but they dont hate that country. Every government has other intentions.

God never told us to sit back and watch but to help fellow people out thy neighbor. Why do people think America is a bad place?

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DrRobotnik2907d ago

This sounds very interesting. I bet when you call in air support, it would be a napalm blanket.

TheROsingleB2907d ago

And if that were to happen, it would be awesome :P

OGharryjoysticks2907d ago

I can see it now. Major Grisley shooting Gooks in the bush love you long time.

chak_2907d ago

just make something new damnit

Nitrowolf22907d ago

well im glad tehy are finally moving away from the WW2 stuff, i might try this one out if its vietnam

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