Demon's Souls Strategy Guide: The Stonefang Tunnels

Demon's Souls is as unforgiving as it is beautiful and innovative, so to the help with the former, GamerSydrome is here to lend a hand with some tips and strategy that may very well keep you from breaking your controller against a nearby wall. In this guide we take a look at the second area in the game, the hot and steamy Stonefang Tunnels.

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Bits-N-Kibbles3267d ago

Not giving the Red Hot Demon Soul to the Blacksmith. Jeez was that dumb... I didn't know you could use demon's souls for stuff till like half way through when I rescued Sage Freke.

BabyColada3267d ago

I did the same exact thing my first time playing the game; every time I received a Demon's soul I would use it for the hefty lot of souls it'd give me. Then I found out they could also be used for unique weapons and spells so I just decided to start over. Now I have the Meat Cleaver (which has a crazy resemblance to Pyramid Head's sword), so it was definitely worth it.

DaTruth3267d ago

I felt almost blind playing this game. I had to consult the internet manuals from the start! Too many questions. I was going to do the same thing, but then they asked me if I was sure yes/no; I knew there had to be a reason they would ask, so I had to consult the experts!

I just didn't read the step by steps so as not to ruin the game!

3267d ago