Top 5 Surprise Games of 2009

GrE writes, "No one was really surprised when Modern Warfare 2 shattered records. Not to mention that Madden will always sell consoles. Even throwing "Mario" on a game title is a license to print money. When in comes to video games, there are certain franchises that that can be banked on with some degree of certainty. However, the sleeper hits are what really makes the game industry special. Enjoying a game that you never expected can be one of the greatest experiences in gaming. 2009 saw many such hits that will change the industry for years to come. Here is my list for the top 5 surprise games of 09:"

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squif2852d ago

I am not so sure about putting Left4Dead 2 on this list

starven2852d ago

I was glad to see inFamous make the list

roblef2852d ago

I think that Demon's Souls is completely deserving

wondroushippo2852d ago

Yeah, that's like saying the Yankees are financially responsible, or some other ridiculous example.

bgrundman2852d ago

I think Batman was the biggest shock for me.

wondroushippo2852d ago

I would say there needs to be at least one iPhone game on this list.

bgrundman2852d ago

I find it funny that there are no Xbox 360 exclusives on this list. Irony?

MattyF2852d ago

inFamous was a delightful surprise. The game is one of the top games for 2009. Can't wait for the sequel.

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