Where Do You See Gaming Going? Part 1: Journalism

Isaiah Taylor of The Start Screen begins Part 1 out of a unknown parts series. In this part he talks about the possibilities of where journalism can go, what is holding the media back and what can make games journalism better.

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mrv3213269d ago

I see it going onLIVE. After seeing that video I was seriously impressed by the tech. That said I am scared because if onlive takes off then gaming as we know it will die. That means

No Piracy.
No used games
No competition

We'd loose control... and this isn't new people have been quietly hinting at this since the naughties... it truly scares me as it should you. Soon all control will be lost... all of gaming will die and their will still be us... us few but strong hondling out SNES, PSSones and PS3's/360's tightly remembering the days when users had the control...

OGharryjoysticks3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Sony patented something called Cloud - as in "cloud" gaming, but hopefully the strictly digital future approach won't be all there is. Without trade-ins I would probably choose to be only a game renter at best, but all digital rentals would be easy

OGharryjoysticks3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

From here, nowhere but up. Game journalism today is filled with nothing but fanboys and low life puppets who are given early access to content and in many cases told what to say.

jessupj3269d ago

This is the first time in the history of gaming where soon sites that are supposed to be professional carry out some of the most childish pathetic fanboyism we've ever seem. Journalists that carry show such hatred and favoritism that you just look like an idiot if you defend them by saying "it's there opinion". There is a limit and they crossed it when they gave Killzone 2 a 7 just to name one example. It doesn't seem to be getting any better though. Just look at the controversy KZ2 is getting from some sites by refusing to acknowledge it for any GOTY awards. Pathetic.

Maybe well see some xbox hate next gen, bc this gen all I've seem from the major sites is childish invalid PS3 hate.

Sigh3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

is just going to become even more of a joke. If we keep seeing those kind of articles on N4G with immature titles to stir up controversy with readers, no one would find them credible and it would just kill em later. I think that's why I stopped thinking about going into Gaming Journalism for my future career cause it's just too easy to be immature to get the benefit of the gain. Just doesn't look professional, plus you got all these situations with companies caught just paying reviewers to make their games look positive. (examples: Ubisoft was caught, but they were lucky that AC2 really was that GOOD, Gamespot on the Kane & Lynch Fiasco).

John Rabbit3269d ago

I purport that game 'journalism' doesn't exist. 'Journalism' by its nature indicates a transference of information and knowledge from a source to an audience. With the instantaneous nature of the internet, 'journalism' exists for the micro-second new information is delivered; before it is regurgitated across the many channels of the web.

'Game Journalists' a little more than cogs in a machine. They do not 'report' insomuch as they 'tell'. There is no journalistic imperative, no investigation, and above all no fact-checking. For the most part this force of 'Gaming Enthusiasts' as they should be called are actually editorial writers.

They share opinions, give editorialized views on particular happenings and doings in the industry, and in general spread their personality around the internet. This isn't to say that these people do not fill a role that is needed; but until we face the fact that the only thing dividing a 'gamer' from a 'gaming journalist' is a paycheck, we'll never move beyond the weak-minded icon worship pathology the gaming community so obviously suffers from.

In short, we cannot 'mature' if we continue to act like children, begging our parents for a shred of attention and validation.

Socomer 19793269d ago

gaming journalism has gone straight to hell.
these bloggers really want you to believe everything they say and then they call you a fanboy if you dont. little independant websites are the fuel to the fanboy war where as the major websites are all about publicity stunts and selling adspace. I hate em all which is why im signing up for gamespot, lol! Those guys came through in the end.

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