Steam Client Update Released

E4G: A steam client update is now available.

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dkblackhawk502975d ago

Fixed “STEAM is not running”, that was such a pain when it happened.

dkblackhawk502975d ago

They seem to be on the ball with updates.

Elven62975d ago

How is this news? Steam has an update on a almost daily basis.

TheIneffableBob2975d ago

Steam client updates happen every couple weeks.
Each Steam client update also has a public beta before it's launched. You can read about the betas in the General Steam Discussion section of the SteamPowered forums.

DirtyLary2975d ago

cause he's desperate for hits.

LeonSKennedy4Life2975d ago

Also, Prey was taken off the deals for today...and replaced with Bioshock.

Apparently, Prey was selling too well. Lol. It's a great game though, so that's understandable.

Cosquae2975d ago

That and it was less than the price of a cheeseburger ;)

2975d ago