Revisiting the Idea of a FFVII Remake

DualShockers writes:

I've thought about this long and hard, as have just about every Final Fantasy fan on the planet. Now, FFVII is far from my favorite in the franchise, but it does hold its own place in my cold, hard heart. I have thought about a remake with perhaps the character models from the Advent Children movie.

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BadboyCivic3603272d ago

how about optional side stories like the Turks and Rufus...
updated visuals,a more inside looks at what sephiroth is all about...
a more develop love story
and a better ending

taz80803272d ago

more sephiroth is something many gamers want, other than him being evil you never really got too deep into his story.

Perjoss3272d ago

When you don't know a lot about a character sometimes that's what makes them more interesting, you have to leave some to the imagination. Look at how James Cameron handled the aliens in the first alien movie. You barely get to see them and thats what makes them more scary.

hynesa023272d ago

james cameron didn't make the first film, it was Ridley Scott...

Tapewurm3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I would like to see them remake it for sure, but with the original cutscene or cgi models from the actual game itself...just in HD.... Those models have a nice look to them (all anime-like) and if they don't tamper with the story or music too much it would be amazing....sure the Advent Children models would be nice as well, but FF13 looks akin to that....I think it would have a better feel with old spikey looking like he did in those original computer generated cutscenes. Just my opinion. All they would have to do is just revamp the world and in game character models to that and I would be happy.

Dark-vash3272d ago

Try playing Crisis Core... It's not only about Zack...

D4RkNIKON3272d ago

That is the truth, Crisis Core was an amazing game. TBH I wouldn't mind if a final fantasy remake took the battle system from Crisis Core. True it wouldn't be accurate to the original FF7 but it was a great cross between realtime and rpg. I would love the art style to resemble Advent Children and the music to be remixed versions of FF7 tracks. The story can change but only slightly. For example, no one want's to see a cross dressing Cloud Strife in HD do they?

iamtehpwn3271d ago

I do NOT want them to take any content away from the original game. All Original game content must remain.

With that said, if they want to add extra summons, new cut scenes that better connect the compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Also, The party structure may have to change a bit. Before, you can choose who ever you wanted to follow you around, and they'd be all the cut scenes.

However, this would take a LOT OF WORK to do with modern cut scene technology (Due to facial animation, voice overs etc). This may have to be restructured, causing Yuffie and Vincent to be mandatory characters instead of Unlockables (This would be a generally accepted change by fans).

While the story must remain in tact, what a lot of people have to understand it's nearly impossible to game the game 100% the way it was and make it on the graphical level that Playstation 3 offers.

I welcome the changes as long as at the end of the day so as long as it keeps the story and feel of the gameplay mechanics.

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taz80803272d ago

I wonder if a remake of FF7 would be exclusive to the PS3 or they would open it up?

Chadness3272d ago

Well, the two re-releases they've done so far (FFVII and FFVIII) have been confined to the PSN, so maybe they'll stay Sony exclusive if it's a downloadable title. If it's disc based, perhaps cross-platform is the way to go, since that route is more expensive to produce and ship.

Assassin Creed3272d ago


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Shnazzyone3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

But i feel a complete redesign is not as interesting to me as much as the idea of a release for download. maybe an upping of the textures and a few more polygons. An re-orchestrated soundtrack would also be nice. Otherwise I just want this title to be made available again somehow no matter how they do it.

Personally... I would much rather see FFVI redone the way FFIV was redone on ds a few years back. Would love to see those mechs in 3d as well as the infamous Kafka.

Sarcasm3272d ago

Finally, a FFVI lover like myself. I like FFVII, but FFVI is the real game I'd kill to see a re-make. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a full 3D remake or anything, if it's re-released with semi updated graphics I'd buy it in a heart beat.

Tex1173272d ago

Well let's make it 3 on the comments that believe FFVI is the best FF (and arguably best RPG) of all time.

Good lord, after FFVI, every other FF just seemed kinda cute.

Myze3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )


FFVI has always been my favorite in the series, and my 2nd favorite game of all time behind Xenogears. If they are gonna do a remake, I would rather it be of FFVI, but that's not gonna happen.

If they do a full scale HD remake, it will be of FFVII, simply because that's the one they know they will make the most money off of (although I'm sure 6-10 would all make a lot as well). Sadly, I'm afraid if they do end up remaking FFVI, it will be for a handheld again. It worked for IV because they were able to make it look cartoony, which fit with the original, which was kind of had a light-hearted look anyway (story itself was kind of quirky in parts, but not really light-hearted). FFVI on the other hand is the most serious game in the story, and having the game redone like it was for the DS would make the game lose a LOT, so I would really hope for a next gen remake if anything.

The one thing in your post I don't understand is:

"Otherwise I just want this title <FFVII> to be made available again somehow no matter how they do it."

FFVII is available on PSN you know? Also, if they remake it, it will be a complete remake, at least in terms of graphics. Whether or not they change anything else is the question. Many hope they do nothing but a graphical overhaul, some want them to change some things with the story/gameplay. Either way, some people aren't gonna be happy, but hopefully they just go with the graphical upgrade, since that's what most people are asking for and is less risky (risk of screwing something up).

CryofSilence3271d ago

FFVII is already available for download on the PSN. If Square is going to do anything, they're going to remake it as the original is already available for play on PSP and PS3.

I'd also like to see FFVI again.

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dragonopt13272d ago

Why will they make this happen? Because it's a chance to make money, they know how much people love this game and

taz80803272d ago

an FF7 remake would make them tons of money, you are correct sir.

Chadness3272d ago

Yeah, it's not really a matter of if they will make it, it's when will they let us know they're working on it. They darn well know they can make loads of cash off it.

Sarcasm3272d ago

It's coming eventually. I think even when they saw the sales of when FFVII came out on PSN it's a good indication of how sales of a remake would be.

JoelT3272d ago

one of those who truly believed a re-release was imminent especially after the tech demo at E3 06', but that hope has been long gone since square announced XIV at this years E3. I think that they just have too much on their plate, to be working on this right now.

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