Retailer sells PS3 Black Friday bundle at $349.99

Retailer this week began sale of a Black Friday bundle for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 at under $350 in a new hardware sale.

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ColossiSlayer3272d ago

Some Back In Stock, I wonder if Sony met that 13 Million Consoles sold this fiscal year (Apr.) goal yet?
If, not they may be mighty close, if not FF13, GOW3 & GT5 will sell alot of consoles worldwide in March...

mint royale3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

They have sold about 9 million since the start of April. So to sell 4 million more in the toughest 3 months of the year for sales is a tall order but then again the PS3 has an amazing line up. To happen I would say GT5 would have to release in Europe but it will be close as to whether they make the target.

EDIT: For reference the ps3 sold 2 million in the first 3 months of 2009. Can they double YOY sales to meet the target with the slim? Who knows!

Saaking3272d ago

People laughed when Sony stated the 13 million goal and claimed they wouldn't even be able to outsell the 360. Well, here we are a few months later and the PS3 is destroying the 360. I'm sure they'll reach 13 million for the fiscal year in no time.

KwietStorm3272d ago

That was one of the biggest hints that the new model and price cut were coming.

ColossiSlayer3272d ago

With these 7 games hopefully, coming before April 2010:
ModNation Racers
White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy 13
God Of War 3
Gran Turismo
Throw in some more of those funny @$$ "It Only Does Everything Commercials" highlighting the games I posted above, should propel the PS3 pretty close this FY.

mint royale3272d ago

Sounds about right. Doubling YOY sales is abit much to ask during the down period for sales so my bet is 12 million for fiscal year, 1 million below target. But hey I could be wrong.

My predictions for April 1st 2010:

Wii: 68 million
Xbox: 38 million
PS3: 33 million

ClownBelt3272d ago


Sounds about right.

FreeFalling3272d ago

When the Xbox 360 gets a deal, Sony fanboys on this site are like "LOL MICROSOFT MUST BE DESPERATE TO SELL THOSE SYSTEMS LOLOLOL"

Now, when the PS3 gets a deal, no fanboy says a word.

And you cannot tell me that that is not true,
hypocrites man...

evrfighter3272d ago

SDF have strawman locked.


btw I agree with you

Somnipotent3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

there is one stark difference btwn this and the walmart deal... walmart was giving you money to buy the bundle ($50 gift card). plus, it was on the gimped arcade version. this is a fully loaded ps3 bundled with 2 games for the price of one. amazon does this kinda stuff all the time. but seriously, why do you care so much?

ColossiSlayer3272d ago

Negatively of 360s bundle deals or marketing habits.
I mean Black Friday, they had a 360 with 6 games for like 300$ at multiple retailers, if it was free to play online and had an internet browser I may have bought 1, but you know. Don't call me a hypocrite(if you were).
All I mentioned was Amazon must have gotten some 120gbs back in stock, because they were sold out on Amazon, Target & for the past couple of days. I also inquired about how close Sony was to their fiscal goal and what AAAs they have coming, to bring them closer to 13 Million Sold...

boodybandit3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

The 360 WalMart deal absolutely smokes this PS3 Amazon deal

WalMart is offering (or was, not sure if it's still going on)
XBox Arcade or Elite (you choose)
2 games (your choice) You can get MW2 and Forza 3 <-new titles!
1 Year XBL subscription
$50 Gift Card
$259.99 Or $359.99 (depending on which console you choose)
Total savings $110 + a $50 Gift Card ($160 savings)

Amazon is offering
120Gig PS3
Infamous and Killzone <- you can pick up both games for under SMSRP now.
This is maybe a $50 total savings

If the Amazon bundle was $349 for
250Gig PS3
Uncharted 2 and Demons Soul
With an additional controller and $50 gift card?
Then we could compare the deals.

Sitdown3272d ago

You do know the definition of hypocrisy right? If you do, then you know the original poster is not talking about the Wal-Mart deal...but similar deals to the one being described...just do a quick search on n4g, and you will see what they are talking about.

Britney Spears3272d ago

yea but this is amazon doing it not sony. M$ themselves are putting in incentives for the console like crazy. that is desperate.also why they didn't they keep the price the same last year then?

ForROME3272d ago

Theres a difference SONY offers they Own titles up, MS offers 3rd parties up

and heres the real kicker, no matter what deal the 360 has,

You still are missing a BR player and Wifi and have to pay for online, thats why their bundles are ridiculous

MS wants to give me a good bundle, Give me a 360 250GB HD with a wifi adapater and a year free of Live, then I will say, this package matches a PS3 package

Until then their deals are a joke

IdleLeeSiuLung3272d ago

When comparing value, fanboys claims Xbox 360 has inferior value and is a rip-off. Then when MS has a sale, they are desperate instead of pointing out the great value they offer at this price point.

Basically, they find an excuse every time just a spoiled child get's excused by their parents every single time. What really matters in the console war is user base at any given moment in time, not how you got there!

To gamers, sales only matters when a console is dominating and in this generation we are lucky that Sony and MS is fairly close. It gives us the most competition while providing us great support from third party companies on both platforms!

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shutupandplay3272d ago

I got this bundle for $300 on black friday. IMO, this was the best ps3 bundle out there on BF.