Reaction Time: Naughty Dog's Evan Wells Reflects on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

In an extended interview with Naughty Dog's Evan Wells reflecting on Uncharted 2, he mentions how they're tapping into the cell processor, but there's still more there.

Evan also discusses when the next Naughty Dog game will be ready, multiplayer, reservations about putting stealth into Uncharted 2, and much more.

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Saaking3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The PS3 is just getting started. While MS is STILL trying to pull out something as great as KZ2, Sony is far ahead. UC2 pushed the bar and GT5, GOWIII, and Heavy Rain will push it even farther. By the time MS reaches KZ2 level games (if that's even possible) the PS3 will already be far ahead.

I wonder just how much ND can do. They took 18 months to craft the highest rated game of the year, and one of the greatest games ever. UC3 can only continue the success. Can't wait.

TOO PAWNED3276d ago

i really hope there is no PS4 for at least 4-5 years...

wages of sin3275d ago

"...What I'm saying is, I'm not gonna be an extreme fanboy anymore. I want to actually discuss games instead of just continuously bashing the 360. Each console offers some strengths and each has weaknesses, but as a gamer I'm glad I own all of them. I don't know if I should say sorry for getting on some of the people's nerve's on this site. I'm what you could call a "reformed" fanboy. haha. "


Contrary to popular belief, other games don't turn gamers into stone when gazed upon. The fact of the matter is, the hardware we have at our hands makes creating great looking games happen more often and for less money . Period. Games like KZ2 and UC2 are the exception not the rule and depend on several things. Talent, time and money.

If anything, history has shown us in many fascists of our lives that power isn't everything. Just ask Nintendo.

Bloodraid3275d ago

I was playing Uncharted 2 when my PS3 bricked yesterday. The disc is stuck inside =(.

RememberThe3573275d ago

I would agree, but your wrong. ;)

Since Heavenly Sword Sony has been publishing games that push the PS3 past the 360(graphically). Games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 are the rule. Even Ratchet and Clank Future 2 is a visually amazing game. GOW3, Heavy Rain, MAG, these are games that push boundaries technically and all exclusive.

Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 are not exceptions to the rules, they make the rules. Next year these rules will be pushed even further.

kaveti66163275d ago

Oh, I get it now. Fanboys try to live vicariously through the success of their favorite companies. When his favorite company succeeds, the fanboy thinks he has accomplished something. When his company fails, the fanboys broods and sulks.

Uncharted 2 definitely pushed the envelope and reminded me of how much I love puzzle games. That being said, I'm really upset by Naughty Dog's decision to remove Sully from the game less than halfway through without offering (within the context of the story) a reasonable explanation. We all know that ND did this to place Chloe as Drake's partner, but Sully had been through so much worse than what he got at the hands of Lazarevic and his stated reasons for leaving were moot.

It would have been cooler if both Sully and Chloe were present with Drake during the second half of the game.

nogolis3275d ago

"Even Ratchet And Clank 2 is a visually amazing game"

That comment carries no water in this desert. Ratchet and Clank games set the standard for console graphics before Uncharted came on the scene.

Prototype3275d ago

They keep making good games, I'm gonna continue to stay broke :/

But a happy broke :D

Sitdown3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

is why most people can only enjoy the ps3 within the context of being compared to the xbox 360 and bashing the 360. Who cars if "MS is STILL trying to pull out something as great as KZ2" just enjoy KZ 2 and the other ps3 games. To be honest...I played KZ 2..and did not find it all that great, give me Hot Shots Golf and/or Heavenly Sword over it any day of the week...and I am pretty sure Microsoft is fine with the sales of Halo and Gears, just like tons of fans still find something great about those franchises. Do we really need all games to look like KZ2 in order to enjoy them? The way some of you sound, as if there is no gaming outside of the ps3.

PS Give

wages of sin3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


I will agree with you that Heavenly Sword (probably my favorite PS3 title so far) was severely underrated. This is mainly for it's technical achievements as far as facial animations and the like, which are still the best to date imo. However, other than that, with the exception of KZ2 and UC2, I haven't played anything on the PS3 that was leaps above what can be found on the 360 or the pc. I played the MAG beta and while I applaud the effort, I wasn't impressed in any way. It's not going too pull me from KZ2 or H3. GOW3 looks great but again, untouchable? I don't see it, not from the demo I've been playing. Last Guardian we will see, but again, untouchable?

True, upcoming PS3 games do look amazing, namely Heavy Rain and the Last Guardian, two amazing looking titles. For me, I'm really impressed with what Reach has shown in engine and Alan Wake as well. Particular upcoming PS3 games do look fantastic, but, this doesn't mean that they can't be matched and I think it would be foolish to simply discount MS at this point. If anything, I would say that the PS3 has finally made the race interesting as it is going to force MS to show it's hand come E3 and beyond. By then we should be able to see what developers can really do on both sides. Sony wasn't an over night sensation, neither this generation or when they first got into the game. I think it wise to see what MS can do. They are still new to the console game when compared to their competition so give them a chance.

My overall point though remains the same. The proof is in the pudding. Last generation, the XBOX had "the graphics" but games like Ico, God of War 1&2 and Shadow of the Colossus proved that just because you have the hardware power doesn't really mean you have the power. Last gen it was all about sales for PS fans, not about graphics, now numbers don't matter and graphics make the game. All I'm saying is that the 360 has amazing looking and playing titles as well and the future is not yet known. The mantra of "quality over quantity" isn't something lost too 360 owners. Why can't we have both, great sales and quality? The Halo games aren't quality? Fable 2, Forza 3, MW2, Lost Odyssey...these and others aren't quality? The answer is yes, yes you can but particular elitist fanboys would argue otherwise.

A game can look as amazing as it wants. It can innovate until the end of time. It can have the best music, name it. But, when it comes down to it, if it's not fun to play, if the gameplay isn't there, than all you have is wasted potential.

I think we should all wait and see what happens before we start announcing how amazing something is...or isn't.

That is an excellent point that should be explained and understood both ways but mainly, but applies more so (imo) to Sony fanboys. I prefer gaming on my 360 but that in no way stops me from having an amazing time with my PS3 or my Wii. I see three different approaches to gaming that satisfies all itches needing to be scratched. It's totally possible to enjoy all of the above in or out of the context of the competing consoles. It's just some people are haters.

sikbeta3275d ago

Naughty Dog, do what you do BEST and that's making AWESOME Games, you have my money

insomnium3275d ago

You really don't know huh? Where were you 2 years ago. You don't remember all the sh*t from the x360 fans?

THIS is what we were talking about back then but still all they did was ridiculed the PS3 and it's "no games". Isn't it obvious why we compare everything to the counterparts on the x360. You (x360 fans) started it and now when it comes back to bite your arse (like we said) you want us to stop? Please.....have some of your own medicine for a change.

Where are all the articles bashing the x360? There was nothing else but doom about the ps3 and it's games 2-3 years ago. Why aren't there similar bashing artickles about the x360 and it's games now and instead the media says "it's been such a slow year for gaming". WHAT? What is THIS BS? There's been nothing but an exclusive AAA after another for the PS3 all year long and they say it's been quiet?

Is this a Japan vs America thing. The majority of the media we read/see is from USA is it not? Is THAT it?

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THC CELL3276d ago

ps3 started day one it out powered xbox n some pc games with uncharted 1 and motostorm

Cry engine 3 will have s short lifespan when uncharted 3 takes it crown with the GFX and maybe killzone 3 will look hump times better

GrandTheftZamboni3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I'm just finishing Genji: Days of the Blade, and I can't believe how beautiful that launch game still looks.

PirateThom3275d ago

Hell, even Resistance with 40 players online was impressive.

spiky12283275d ago

The reason I stick with the PS3 is the exclusive. I had both system and the exclusive on PS3 is just better designed overall. I really can't get into MS exclusives for some reason. Maybe its the experience. Not that MS exclusives are bad, but it just not as deep interms of story and design.

Uncharted 1,2 and Resistance 1,2 and MGS4 is still my favorite.

acere3275d ago

by that time,,, head exploted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The real killer3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Don't forget the X-Engine or the new named XNA Game engine from Microsoft windows and 360.

This Engine will reach Killzone 2 visual, but terms in intens with the same visual/graphics/lichting or physics will be big different and they neen more calculation power to do that.

PirateThom3275d ago

X-engine doesn't exist.

It was an "insider source" about 6 months ago and nothing more was said of it.

mrv3213275d ago

G4: Have you been thinking about motion control? Do you think it's going to resonate with the PlayStation audience? Is it right for the genre that you're interested in?

EW: I think right for the genre that we're in? We really don't have any interest in using the motion control to do a third-person action game. If we were going to make a motion controller game, I think we'd want to tackle it from the bottom up and make sure that we were designing the game around the motion control, the way the best Wii games are designed. I'm not a Wii hater at all, in fact, it's probably one of my most played consoles in the house. I have a 3-year old son which might account for some of that [laughs], but I think Wii Sports are some of the best experiences of this generation, honestly. They're immensely playable and competitive, and just great fun with a group of people in the same room. Yeah, I think the PlayStation audience is totally for it, in fact, I bet you there are lot of closet Wii owners in the PlayStation community. If there is some really good software for that motion controller, I think it can be a big, big success.'

They are being honest about the competition which earns one tick... they are praising them to. I liked the motion controller bit... thankfully SOME developers wont jump the bandwagon and make semi decent games from excellect franchises simply to acomodate for motion controls.

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