VGC Review: Half-Minute Hero

VGC writes: "You name your hero, you're summoned by the King for help, you defeat the monsters that are plaguing the kingdom, a villain sets up to destroy the planet, the King asks you to save the world, you challenge the villain and lose. While the world is on the verge of being destroyed a Goddess asks you if you want her help to turn back time and beat the villain. Sounds like 90% of the Japanese RPGs out there, right? But if you answer no, the Goddess tells you: "was there ever any RPG that moved on by selecting no?" This happens during the first five minutes of Half-Minute Hero, and that's when you realize you're playing a game unlike any other."

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Milky3274d ago

Aso soon as this comes out in Europe I am gonna get it. I played the demo and its so crazy.

3273d ago