Top 5 Nintendo Wii Exclusives Released in 2009

Although the Nintendo Wii may be lacking in high-profile exclusive game releases in 2009, the system did have quite a few overlooked Wii-only titles.

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ConnorSmith3040d ago

Nice Article,

I thought "A Boy and His Blob" could have been a little higher, but nonetheless you got the top 5 right!

Saaking3040d ago

New Super Mario Bros is awesome. A lot of fun and well worth the 50 bucks if you have a Wii.

Rocket Sauce3040d ago

House of the Dead Overkill!

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Wolfie3040d ago

definitely Dead Space: Extraction

Kajaah1173040d ago

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories isn't even in the honorable mentions? For shame.

Main_Street_Saint3040d ago

True but the only thing is that the game was on more then just the wii and so it isn't an exclusive game.

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