Razer Imperator Laser Gaming Mouse Review (BmR)

The company name Razer is practically synonymous with PC-gaming peripherals. Their wide selection of gaming keyboards, mice, and other accessories make them a top choice when shopping for the best gaming gear. The Razer Imperator is the latest release, and the RZ01-0035 model offers gamers an ergonomic mouse with highly-sensitive 5600 dpi laser. Razer compromises nothing when it comes to comfort, looks, and features. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Razer Imperator USB-2.0 5600-DPI Laser Gaming Mouse RZ01-0035. Boasting such features as adjustable thumb buttons, on-board (Razer Synapse) flash memory, and many other features, this mouse has the potential to pack a serious punch. Learn if the Imperator can live up to the Razer name; and the Benchmark Reviews standard of quality.

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