ModNation Racers - Racing Walkthrough with Designer Mat Thomas

Mat Thomas on PS Blog writes: "When we started working on ModNation Racers we knew we couldn't simply create a basic physics system to deliver our core race experience. We were also weary of the fact that unlike many racers, the player in ModNation Racers will also be focused on weapon play. Very early on in development we experimented with extremely tight handling (akin to driving on rails) and a much more physical race experience. What we soon realized is that when the handling model is tight, there is not much fun in the race experience, it was essentially too easy and likewise when the user is spending a lot of time concentrating on just keeping the vehicle on the track with a more complex handling model then this doesn't leave any mental power to experiment and use weapons. So as you may expect we ended up with something in the middle which offered us the physicality and emergent feel that for us makes this feel like a true next generation karting title. What we found is that this made the handling very much pick up and play, and easy to understand but at the same time offering depth you'd expect in other racers."

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Redempteur3273d ago

I'm in the beta's great

Now i just want to turn off the comments BEFORE THE RACE

cliffbo3273d ago

i really want in on the Beta! this looks incredible