Sony PSPgo (PSP-N1000) vs. PSP-3000 : Side-by-side comparison and system menu differences [pictures]

The PSPgo is Sony's latest addition to the PlayStation Portable family. It was released in October 2009. The PSPgo is the first major form-factor change for the PlayStation Portable since it launched in 2005. The PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 are no longer in production, so if you're looking to pickup a new PSP from retailers, you pretty much have these two options. Hopefully a look over some detailed comparison pictures and features will answer some of your questions on which PSP system is right for you. There's also details on all Firmware 6.20 differences on each system. Both systems have 6.20 installed, but did you know all the menu differences?

See 30 comparison pictures and notes of the PSPgo vs. PSP-3000 here.

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F3N1X2855d ago

how is this news? this article shouldn't have gotten approved. Everyone by now should know the difference between PSP Go and PSP 3000.

Hanif-8762854d ago

I didn't know the difference but now i do ;)

Slappy McGee2854d ago

And knowing's half the battle.

Redlogic2854d ago

All I know is I love my pspgo....I wish I brought it to work today, damn!

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