Nvidia delays Fermi to March 2010

Nvidia is expected to delay its next-generation DirectX 11-supporting GPU (Fermi) to March, 2010, while AMD will launch more GPUs in January-February, according to sources from graphics card makers.

Nvidia originally scheduled to launch Fermi in November 2009, but was delayed until CES in January 2010 due to defects, according to market rumors. However, the company recently notified graphics card makers that the official launch will now be in March 2010, the sources noted.

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3273d ago
DERKADER3272d ago

They better be worth the wait. They're giving ATI like a 4 month lead on the DX11 market. I'm currently using a 5770, might switch to Nvidia if they price them right.

Major_Tom3272d ago

You'd switch out a 5770 for a new fermi.... Why wouldn't you just wait then?

Charmers3272d ago

I hardly think a 4 month head start with Dx11 is much of a bonus for ATI. Especially when you have seen what is available so far. It will take years for Dx11 to take off, hell I don't even plan on buying a Dx11 card any time soon (probably a year or two from now). I have a GTX260 and it is doing me just fine, I haven't seen anything from Dx11 yet that makes me go "omgz I got to has it".

So I think Nvidia are probably not all that worried about the head start ATI has. If anything it could be argued ATI rushed too quickly into Dx11.

kwyjibo3272d ago

It's not about DX11. It's about the fact that nVidia do not have a card to compete with ATI on the high end.

The new series of ATI cards are head and shoulders above the old gen nVidia cards.

nVidia have done nothing for months but put out hot air in order to try and stop people from buying. And it's distasteful.

Charmers3272d ago

I would love to know what benchmarks you are looking at. I just had a quick scan around the net and from what I can see the GTX295 stands up pretty well against the 5870 and in some benchmarks the GTX295 beats the 5870.

I personally wouldn't say that the new 5800 series is head and shoulders above Nvidia's offerings myself. In the rush to get the 5800's out ATI screwed up the drivers which made them look incredibly amateur.

As for Nvidia putting out hot air to dissuade customers from buying ATI. Well we are meant to be PC gamers and we are supposed to be "intelligent" most people will see through Nvidia (especially people that will stump up for these high end cards).

I would rather Nvidia got it right rather than rush out a product just to compete. I am in no hurry for a new card, like I said it will be at least 2 years before I look to buying a new GPU (maybe longer if things don't improve games wise). So ATI have a 4 month head start, big deal it doesn't amount to much.

The sensible people will sit back and wait to see what happens and won't get taken in by the hot air from Nvidia or ATI and judge the products when they are released.

Perkel3272d ago

@ Charmersmaybe try to compare 2gpu card (295) to 2gpu card (5970) not to 1gpu (5870) ?

some crysis fps :

head and shoulders it is.

They shoot in foot by delayin fermi. Now Ati is selling their 5xxx series and by autumn they will have new 6xxx chip when Nvidia will just release mediacore cards and low spec...

time is everything in hardware wars...

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TheIneffableBob3272d ago

I'm starting to worry. I'm sure Fermi will be the best science card out there, but what about the games?

EpsilonTeam3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I couldn't wait and bought myself a nice pair of 5970s. This hole thing reminds me of ATI's R300 that dominated the GF scene back then.

Oh and some troubling news

ChickeyCantor3272d ago

it says 448 cores, someone explain, cause that seems like a typo...Right?...Right D=?

likeaboss3023272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I'd rather Nvidia take their time and do the card right. PC gaming isn't like it use to be with games pushing the limit coming out on the reg. Other then bragging rights there isn't much of a need for ultra high-end cards. There needs to be more DX11 games on the market. The only time it ever made sense to by the first gen card for a new DX release was the Radeon 9700 Pro. It could actually run DX9 software well when it finally came out.

hoops3272d ago

Actually when the 9700pro was released there were not too many DX9 games out. Most were still DX8.1
The big thing with the 9700pro was this was the first card to be able to run games with AA without taking too much of a performance hit (for the times)

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