Rumor: The Midnight Riders to be featured in Left 4 Dead 2 DLC

While Valve has officially announced that the original cast from Left 4 Dead will be making a return appearance in Left 4 Dead 2. They have also all but hinted at further expansions to the game in the form of the popular band of misfits the Midnight Riders.

Featured in the Dark Carnival level and other easter eggs throughout the campaigns, The Midnight Riders look to be a either a future addition to the game or could possibly be a new game all together. Valve has put together a midnight riders official website, giving these characters a full backstory, detailed character models, they are even selling...more.

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chrisulloa2853d ago

I saw this coming, we'll probably end up playing them in a DLC. Can't wait.

The Happy Baby2852d ago

I want to play as the gnome.

MagicAccent2853d ago

"Hm... Why is there a steaming pile of crap at my computer desk?
There's something in there.. Oh, It's just my L4D disc. Thanks Valve."

champ212853d ago

will probably be free on the pc version just like all valve dlcs.

there is no way microsoft will let go of an opportunity to milk its base, expect this to be charged on the 360.

ZedoMann2852d ago

Have you ever considered getting a PC instead of complaining?

champ212852d ago

and why would you assume i dont have a pc :P

pc is the only platform i game on.

DirtyLary2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

We've all know about this since their facebook page and other hints.

I like the Dethklok influence, if not a blatant rip off..... you decide.

I really hope VALVE supports L4D2 with content like they have TF2 to this day. The SDK was a great start. We now have access to the original campaigns, some even in daytime.. nice twist on things.

ZedoMann2852d ago

"I really hope VALVE supports L4D2 with content like they have TF2 to this day."
...and unlike how they have done with L4D1.

2852d ago
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