New Trailer Revealed On The Official Birth By Sleep Website

KHUnion: "A new trailer for the upcoming PSP title Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has been released in an update of the official Birth by Sleep website.

The trailer previously seen at this years Jump Festa, an event for anime and video games in Japan, has finally been released to the public on the official site for Birth by Sleep. Coupled with the new trailer were three new wallpapers and new images showing us more of the multiplayer aspect of the game."

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mephman2911d ago

I really hope they announce the Western release date soon.

kratos1232911d ago

i hope they release it a week after the japan release. a man can keep dreaming hopefully it wont take a half a year like it did with kh2 to come to eu i want this game so badley it even looks better than some wii games out there

GameGambits2911d ago


I hope someone releases this trailer again with English subs so I know what was said. :P

Day one buy for my PSP along with MGS:Peace Walker, and FFAgito13. :D

colonel1792911d ago

Thos three games are the reasons why I haven't sold my PSP. I know there are great games for the PSP, but I'm nota portable gamer that much.

I hope they announce KH3 at E3 or sometime next year. They said there's an unlockable video in Birth by Sleep hinting at the sequel, so hopefully is indeed KH3 and not another spin off..

Valay2911d ago

I'm actually quite a big fan of the series now after playing 358/2 Days. So I'm pretty interested in this title as well.

Ngai2911d ago

Very badass.. as always.

DominicanNinja2911d ago

i can not wait. kingdom hearts is one of my favorite series

FiftyFourPointTwo2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

This game, together with MGS:PW, will rule all handheld games of 2010. Cant wait. :)

EDIT: Damn, I cant wait to find out why Vanitas' full face is still kept secret till now. Possible future KH villain perhaps?

GameGambits2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Is that the guy with the mask on and looks like a heartless? For whatever reason I keep thinking he'll be Riku's heartless or Nobody. :O

FiftyFourPointTwo2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Yeah. That's him. At least there are clues now, his eyes are yellow and his eyebrows are black. He has bangs too.

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