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Valay3101d ago

Wow, I think this might be the best Nintendo Download week of the year. Castlevania Rebirth (finally), Pilotwings, and The Magic Obelisk should all be great.

GCNSean3101d ago

I agree.. Great update! Pilotwings and Castlevania and must-haves... Figures they do this after everyone is broke from Christmas... Ugh...

hitthegspot3101d ago

This sounds like a good game: Eat! Fat! FIGHT!. Have you played the adult version? Drink! Puke! FIGHT!

hatchimatchi3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I think i'm gonna download castlevania, i've got some points sitting on my account.


i'm not seeing castlevania rebirth in the shop.

3101d ago
Shnazzyone3101d ago

I just kicked dracula's butt last night in Super Castlevania IV. Now i get to spend the rest of my christmas wii points on Castlevania The Adventure: Rebirth. Shame I wont be able to snag pilotwings as well but I will eventually.

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