TheGo - Torchlight Review: A Diablo clone done well

Torchlight is essentially, for lack of better description, a very similar game to Diablo. You pick one of three classes, crawl through dungeons, click on enemies to kill them, and go through huge piles of randomly dropped loot, rinse and repeat with each level up. So those familiar to the Action RPG genre will find themselves in familiar territory. But the formula does everything so damn well that it's just tough to put down, with a clever world and engaging mechanics. It actually brings quite a few things to the table!

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moe843270d ago

Definitely plan on picking this up Jan 5th.

KaL_D3270d ago

Steam, I think, has it on sale right now for like.. $4.99. If possible, jump on it now. Game was totally worth the price of $20 when it came out. Passing it up at 5 bucks is just criminal :)

moe843269d ago

Meh, I'd rather have the hardware, and not have to worry about Steam. Cost is irrelevant when it comes to gaming, as long as you're having fun. Plus, I hate Steam.

Not to mention, a book from a game I'm playing is nice to have when looking for something to read on the crapper. Especially when waiting on the new G.I to come out ^.^

3270d ago