VideoGamer: Top 10 PC Exclusives

In this special series of Top Tens, they list the best exclusive games for each of the major seven platforms. Today, it's the PC's turn to shine. Want to know what the best games exclusively available on the PC are?

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2948d ago
Jamescagney2948d ago

What, your pc? I've got loads for mine.

ZedoMann2948d ago

Ok, why don't you return to your Xbox 360, or maybe your PS3 before you see something that makes you start ranting.

PotNoodle2948d ago

PC has more games than all three of the current gen consoles put together.. :)

champ212948d ago

well all the multiplats are better on the pc.

pc has execellent exclusives.

all the wii games run better on the PC emulated.

360 doesnt have any good exclusives.

ps3 has just handful of exclusives, out of which id just pick 1-2.

so whats the point of playing on consoles when pc plays 95% of the games better then all the consoles. no point considering a console for 1-2 exclusives then paying a premium on the rest of the games.

Pumbli2948d ago

champ21 - I agree on most of your points but "all the wii games run better on the PC emulated." that's just bs and you know it.

Emulators never work better then the real console, they rarely work as good. When I want to play a Genesis game, I play it on my Genesis, not on my PC.

Even though there are Wii emulators out there that work, I'm 100% sure they don't play "all wii games" like you claim.

champ212948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

sure emulators have problems. specially for the newer consoles.

though you'd agree wii doesnt have many games for the hardcore. most of wii games are casual, only games ppl here would be interested in would be marios, zeldas & metroit. as long as those get emulated fine its great.

for the older consoles all the way from the nes days to ps2(partiallly for ps2) everything runs suberb on emulation.

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Akagi2948d ago

I have Deus Ex on PS2..

Jamescagney2948d ago

That was a hand me down, it's not really the way it's meant to be played. And it wasn't really a great port.

But yeah, you do have a point.

PirateThom2948d ago

Football Manager 2010 was also on PSP and Counter-Strike was on XBox.

There's definitely better choices than those two anyway.

yog-sothot2948d ago

I have played Deus Ex on my PC and on my PS2. It's my favourite game of all time. And I think the PS2 version was really good ! The only problem was the loadings betwwen the areas.

As this is not a pure FPS but more a mix of FPS, RPG and adventure/exploration game, the pad can be used quite easily (it's not a fast game like Quake for example)

Elven62948d ago

N.O.L.F. was also on PS2, a Dreamcast port was also in production IIRC but never came out. This list needed a bit more research, what about the Fallout games, MechWarrior, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines (solely because of how the community picked up where the developers left off after the studio closed down), etc.

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Jamescagney2948d ago

Should have put Stalker up there really, one of the best pc only games around. Pretty good list though I suppose.

Cosquae2948d ago

It's really hard to get a definitive top ten when everyone's going to have different opinions.

Personally I would liked to have seen one of the Civilization series on the list or Sims/SimCity game, even one of the Total War series.

Stalker was a great game though...

Jamescagney2948d ago

Yeah, I know, maybe I worded that wrong. That's the thing with lists, everyones going to have their own personal opinion on what's good or not. As far as this list goes though there's quite a few that are in my favourites, so I agree with quite a few of them.

The only game I haven't played on there is WOW, and that's because I know I wouldn't be able to play it enough to warrant buying it and and paying the monthly fees.

BattleAxe2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I don't know why Crysis is on that list. It was beautiful and had some cool features, but it wasn't that great of a game. BattleField: Bad Company and Far Cry 2 were both far better IMO if you're comparing open world shooter games.

I'm sure that they could have picked some better PC games.

Raf1k12948d ago

I didn't know Bad Company was on PC.

The PC has a huge library of games considering how long games have been made for the platform so a top 10 doesn't really do it much justice. There are a lot of amazing games in the list but there are even more games that could easily be considered for it.

PC Gamer (UK) used to do a top 100 on a yearly basis which was pretty good. Not sure if they still do.

Pandam0bile2948d ago

Bad Company wasn't on PC and Far Cry 2 was boring and repetitive. Open world, yes, but that didn't make it fun. Drive 10 minutes this way, blow up a convoy there, report back to Pala or somewhere for a new gun or malaria meds.

I got sick of it after about 15 hours of doing the same thing.

I didn't get my $50's worth of fun out of Far Cry 2. Crysis however has kept me entertained for over two years (for a fricking single player game, that's an accomplishment)

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