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Submitted by KingJFS 3167d ago | article

List of Confirmed Exclusives for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii (June 2007 Update)

Gaming Target has updated their monthly look at the battle of the console exclusives. The Xbox 360 continues to lead with 91 exclusives, with the Wii in second with 76 and the PS3 in last with 44. The list now includes publisher information, release dates and Metascores.

They have also spoken with Crossbeam Studios, the enigmatic developers of Wii-exclusives Orb and Thorn. The developer has stated for the record that both games are still on track but Thorn may appear on the Xbox 360 as well. (Industry, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Diselage  +   3167d ago
The only reason I'm approving this is because a lot of other "list" of exclusives have come to light and this one seems to be at least realistic since it seems most of this, if not all, are confirmed.
Seraphim  +   3167d ago
hardly realistic. They state that games which are on another console aren't going to be considered exclusive (ie Ninja Gaiden, Zelda, Burnout) yet they list games which came out on other consoles under 360 exclusives (ie CoD 2 for one). Then they go on to list timed exclusives and titles which aren't even exclusive to the 360 (Ace Combat which is timed last I knew, and Conan along w/ Blazing Angels 2 which are multi platform as far as I know). Furthermore they state unannounced games won't be listed yet they have God of War III and Sly Cooper 4 on the list? Since when were they announced? Filler: It hasn't been. Plus they fail to mention all the exclusives for the PS3 and I see some missing on the Wii list also. Not to even mention all these lists are simply dumb. Not one is ever right and they're always slanted one way...
SwiderMan  +   3167d ago
Actually, the article is pretty right
To shoot down your claim that there's no Sly 4, the game was confirmed for PS3 and another for PSP at <--confirmed

Also, look at reply 16.1. I corrected Firewire who similiarly didn't realize CoD2 (Xbox 360) and CoD2 (PS2, Xbox, GC) are different games. He even edited his comment with "SwiderMan: Thanx!" to thank me for pointing out that the information in the article was correct. Hint. Hint. :)
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AllConsolesRock  +   3167d ago
It's quality not quantity that matters...
exclusives that could result in increased sales.

Remember: Gears of War and Lost Planet are excellent exclusives but did they result in significant increase in sales of xbox 360.

Now PS3 got Warhawk, Uncharted, Socom, MGS, GT, FF, Heavenly Sword, The Agency, KZ, Folklore, Little Big Planet etc coming. Me thinks there may be a large increase in sales.
Seraphim  +   3166d ago
actually Sly Cooper 4 IS NOT Confirmed. Contrary to your link it's not official nor has it been announced. For one I am a subscriber to PSM and there is NO interview in the last 2 issues [yes I have the current issue]. Furthermore the link you provided, it's news is also submitted by the person who came up with this bogus list... But the bottom line is that Sly 4 is not an officially announced game no matter which way you want to chop it.

I wasn't aware of CoD 2 being different. But CoD 2 despite being different is still CoD 2. I don't know the exact differences BUT in that regard and line of thinking then Ninja Gaiden Sigma would be exclusive to PS3 because it's different as well and holds additional Rachael levels/missions...

But no matter how you want to cut it the list is inaccurate on numerous levels...
SwiderMan  +   3167d ago
The most
The most accurate exclusives list out there.
drtysouf21  +   3167d ago
My opinion for games that i like
Xbox 360 has the better RELEASED Exclusives but the PS3 has the better UNRELEASED Exclusives and the Wii well i don't think they should even really be compared its a different type of console then PS3 and 360. Thats my opinion for games that i like.

Edit: To the people that disagreed with me how can you disagree are you going to tell me what games i like lol? I swear sometimes people disagree just to disagree lol.
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NoUseMerc  +   3167d ago
Xbox 360 Titles that are multiplatform...please remove:

- The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (It has been announced for PS3 by Pete Hines)
- Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of World War II (PS3 title too)
- Eternal Sonata (PS3 too)
- Two Worlds (Coming to PS3, confirmed by Topware's CEO)

PS3 titles missing:

- 2 Days 2 Vegas ( Will be PS3 exclusive)
- Brave Arms
- Chain Limit
- Cipher Complex
- Fury
- Metro 2033
- Motorstorm 2 (I have confirmation from GDC from the developers if needed)
- Ninja Gaiden Sigma
- Redwood Falls
- Soul Calibur IV

As you can see their list is bias.

Plus the "released" of course shows Xbox 360 with more titles cause its been out a year longer.
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SwiderMan  +   3167d ago
NoUseMerc, I think you threw away all of your credibility when you mentioned Motorstorm 2. There's no official or near-official announcement of such a game, which is the basis for this list. That being said, I'm sure it's coming out, but there needs to be concrete evidence before it makes it onto this list. If you want to give me proof from GDC, go right ahead.
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power of Green  +   3167d ago
Quote: Plus the &quot;released&quot; of course shows Xbox 360 with more titles cause its been out a year longer
Wasn't that the point of releasing the 360 when MSFT did?. Will consumer give a flying fuc? or will they be happy with selection of titles. lol
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kewlkat007  +   3167d ago
I waiting for this game
and I doubt "Soul Calibur IV " will be Exclusive.

The way they butchered part 3, Namco is not making the same mistake. That's one game I'm waiting for.

NoUseMerc - "Plus the "released" of course shows Xbox 360 with more titles cause its been out a year longer."

The Xbox 360 will ALWAYS be 1 YEAR AHEAD so stop using that in your Argument.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   3167d ago
when did
soulcalibur iv and cipher complex become PS3 exclusives? 2 days to vegas has been listed as pc, PS3, and 360. if you go to their website, it only lists pc.
Xi  +   3167d ago
sigma is on the xbox.
it's called ninja gaiden black.
eternal sonata is rumored. gundam Mousu is going on 360 should be removed from ps3 by that logic.

other titles aren't confirmed.
devi8i  +   3167d ago
Good job catching all of those titles.......but can we really count Sigma as an exclusive? its more of a redo, I don't want to come across as knocking the game because I am definetly going to get it, but.... not REALLY an exclusive
cookiemonster  +   3167d ago
your list is very inaccurate; consisting of unconfirmed info, heavily skewed perspectives, and hopeful thinking.

at least the link is fairly representative of what the games outlook is. you're just being an angry douche.
omansteveo  +   3167d ago
Soul calibur 4
They havent announced systems yet
NoUseMerc  +   3166d ago
Motorstorm 2
I met the developers at GDC along with the developer from Steel Moneky working on 2 Days 2 Vegas....

Motorstorm 2 is int he works using Havok 4.5 and an improved Motorstorm engine.

2 Days 2 Vegas, the dev said they are choosing the publisher and most likely they are looking to bring the game to PC and PS3 (due to blu-ray)
BitbyDeath  +   3166d ago
+Bubble Merc, i know your right dude
macalatus  +   3166d ago
@ Power of Green

Congratulations!! Now you only got one...bubble!! So much for your rantings. Whaddya say? Oh, I forgot! You only got one bubble!! LOL!
blackmagic  +   3166d ago
Soul Calibur is multiplat
Watch the end of the teaser, there are logos for both playstation and xbox. The last one was multiplat over all three manufacturers, why would you think this one would be different?

Eternal Sonata going multiplat is as much a rumour as MGS and FF at this moment.

Watching the first five minute gameplay of sigma it was obvious that the levels were identical to the xbox version but obviously graphically updated. It looks great btw.

I have seen stuff on blazing and two worlds... honestly don't know if it's officially announced as multiplat. If not I expect it will be soon.

I visit a couple of gaming sites daily and there are 5-6 ps3 titles listed there that I have never heard of or heard very little about... definitely have not been announced yet but possibly E3?

Edit: E-mail him if you think there is something incorrect...

john @
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Satanas  +   3166d ago
Yeah as pointed out SCIV is 360/PS3.
Violater  +   3167d ago
Woa boy!
Here we go, list wars are such a bore.
Yet lets see if we can get through this thread in an orderly fashion.
Only one game was enough to make me buy a PS3 and that was Heavenly Sword, if it was on the 360 thats where I would have gone, But on the bright side I can play a good amount of those 360 games on my PC and the rest on my Bro's 360.
Good time for gamers, good time for fan boys, good times all around.
Anyway I expect 200 posts by tomorrow don't let me down N4G :D
Wow and some one disagrees?, mind saying what u disagree to? heh heh at least u didnt take my last few bubbles by accident lol

@POG your right I dont think 2 days 2 Vegas is exclusive to anyone.
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Diselage  +   3167d ago
I accidentally disagreed with you Violater. These list are so fricking boring that I can't believe people would waste their time arguing until their blue in the face about it. It's a decent list put on the front page. No list will ever be complete.
power of Green  +   3167d ago
- 2 Days 2 Vegas ( Will be PS3 exclusive)? lol
Little timmy isn't getting an 4 thousand dollar PC to play Alan Wake. Nothing wrong with the list its based on console exclusives and their brethern still exclusive to MS's other next-gen platform.
FadedDRFT  +   3167d ago
You are wrong
2 days to vegas was only ever announced for ps3, thats what it last said on the steel monkeys website, But i do think it is coming to pc, I dont think the 360 can handle this game (space wise) or graphics, but then again the 360 does not need some GTA ripoff we have the real thing with a sh!t load of other great games. Ps3 also gets Driver 5 (damn)
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Sangheili85  +   3167d ago
Steel Monkeys own site says nothing about PS3. It only says "Platforms: PC" And me personally i only agree with what the developing site says.
FadedDRFT  +   3167d ago
Ok d!ickhead, i only wanted people to read about the game, and find out the screen shots are not pre rendered, meaning this game will look amazing, i dont care what platform its on. I just hope its a good game.
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Sangheili85  +   3167d ago
thats nice
I'll believe the developers site before i believe PSU.

Why you got to call me names? you said let me see if i get this right " 6.1 - You are wrong
2 days to vegas was only ever announced for ps3," well i just stated what the website said and now you change your story to "Ok d!ickhead, i only wanted people to read about the game" which again ouch. Don't get all pissed because the developers don't have PS3 on their site. It might still come on the PS3 or even the xbox.

"I dont think the 360 can handle this game (space wise) or graphics"

do you make games? Do you write code for Steel Monkey? Have you worked on the 360 or the PS3? so how do you know if it can run or not. Stop and think before making fanboy comments.
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NoUseMerc  +   3166d ago
I work for
The reason I know these things is cuase I was there in person and talked/interviewed these developers on these games. I have emails and even voice recording of the developers stating these things...
Diselage  +   3167d ago
Can't believe this list is taking so much flak about how bad it is even though that list of 99 or whatever PS3 exclusives was way off.
Blasphemy  +   3167d ago
I disagree that list had links to back up most of the games on that list.This list is inaccurate. There are way more PS3 exclusives then this.
SwiderMan  +   3167d ago
Just a second
I don't think it's so bad. People are reporting problems, yet no one has given a single specific (and accurate, mind you) reference in which it's wrong.

Just to give you an example, NoUseMerc referenced Eternal Sonata:


The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles, he mentions.

Look good and hard for the PS3 versions. Nope? Can't find it? I'm not saying they won't come out. But PLEASE, PLEASE look at the rules of the article before reporting or commenting. That list of 100+ PS3 exclusives was full of too many unannounced titles. You're not fairly assessing the focus of THIS subject, which is games with announcements or concrete proof. Please respect the topic.
InMyOpinion  +   3166d ago
It's because Ps3 fans apparently can't deal with the fact that their beloved platform is getting butchered gameswise. I'm starting to believe in the developers who said thath the Ps3 is much harder and much more expensive to develop for than the 360. Just look at the amount of games...
ReconHope  +   3167d ago
I've seen more ps3 exclusives but hey nobody will notice. ppl do relize that the xbox360 launched first, right?
GaMr-  +   3167d ago
SF49er408  +   3167d ago
more comin
Theres probley a ton of secret games that ms has locked up. u think this multi billion dollar company lost billions of dollars of investing in the first xbox, only to fail and give up. i know they gonna be on top for a long time. they smart and have a long term plan. theres more live improvements comin, prob free silver, ded servers, etc. i cant wait for gow 2. just like sony they know they have to make more 1st party to survive. i bet theyre making tons of new games, and probley already preparing games for the launch of their next console in 5 years. thats good cause it seems like all launches never have games ready
toughNAME  +   3167d ago
just wait for
the old

"quality > quantity" comment


"it isnt really exclusive if its on PC"
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BIadestarX  +   3167d ago
"The 360 was released first... it has more games because it was release firt... yada yada...bla bla". That's never going to change. the 360 will always be the one that was released first... it will probably be the one with the most games... due to the fact that it was released first. That was the point of releasing it first... The PS2 had this advantage and now the xbox 360 have it. The PS2 always had the advantage over the Xbox because of this.
Stop using this excuse because it makes the PS3 look even worst. You are basically telling people that the Xbox 360 will always be ahead.
Well... ofcourse unless you have some time travel machine that you are using to make the PS3 time travel faster that we don't know about.
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jib  +   3167d ago
lol beat me to it. i never got the point of why people say that either
AllConsolesRock  +   3167d ago
Simply Explained
PS3's lack of games......1 year head start

"Wait Beyond".....1 year head start

Exclusives lost by the PS3 ....1 year head start

Greater number of games going multiplatform......1 year head start.

The 1 year head start gave the xbox 360 NEXT GEN market dominance and builT a large library of games. Developers know this system more than the 8-MONTH-OLD PS3 plus there are more x360 consoles out there so it's logical to multi games or exclusives due to increased sales.


If a runner is given a half hour head start before everyone else for the NY Marathon then yes the HEAD START does matter. Likewise the next gen war is also a marathon(approx 8 years long). And if Microsoft doesn't win it they'll be the biggest losers in history.


xbox 360 - 20 months old
Ps3 - 8 months old

So fanboys, STFU and wait at least four years before passing judgement. Just enjoy the games you have for your consoles and stop ditchn on the other. Such loser. Get a life.
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tehcellownu  +   3167d ago
there is a few mulitplatform games on the list that is also on the will all change around the end of this year and next..the ps3 will have the better exclusive games then the 360..

if there is lost planet 2 or dead risin 2 you bet its goin to come to the ps3 only got that exclusive because they release their system 1 year early.

@13.1: Here a list of PS3 games

Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Versus
White Knight Story
War Hawk
War Devil
Metal Gear Solid 4
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction
Socom 4
Socom Confrontation
Heavenly Sword
Kill Zone 2
Gran Turismo 5 HD
L.A Noire
New Team ICO Game
Hot Shot Golfs
Tekken 6
Gateway 3
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Eye of Judgement
Fifth Phantom Saga
Eight Days
NBA ’08 (Published by Sony)
World Tour Soccer PS3 (Published by Sony)
NBA 07 The Life Vol. 2 (Published by Sony)
Parappy the rapper
Motor Storm 2 confirmed that there will be one
Resistance 2 confirmed as well
God of War 3 confirmed too..
and there be more game that will perhaps be announced in E3
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Xi  +   3167d ago
keep saying it. Might come true.

ah, games lists, the fanboy's e-penis.
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omansteveo  +   3167d ago
Why do they call it Gran Turismo 5 HD when all of the games are HD?

Oh and Wardevil
#13.2 (Edited 3167d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
omansteveo  +   3167d ago
Final Fantasy 8?

Oh and 2 days till vegas
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devi8i  +   3167d ago
They got those games because their install base was large enough to justify the development and marketing costs while still making a profit. While the PS3 is a very nice and capable system, it is harder to develope for. If the PS3's installed base is not significantly improved by the time development begins on those sequels then MS may indeed retain exclusivity.
jib  +   3167d ago
whats with the "you realize the PS3 did come out a year later right?"

technically, the PS3 will always forever be the one that came out a year later so whats the point of stating it? 5 years from now, the PS3 will still be the console to come out a year later and if by then, the 360 still has more exclusives, who exactly is to be blamed for it? sony
weekapaugh  +   3167d ago
bwaaaaaaaaaah, like the 360 will even be around in 5 years.
gunnar2906  +   3167d ago
Who made this list?
360 crazy blindmen?

Some exclusives made me cry =( Like Fable 2 or Halo Wars ... What are they?
#15 (Edited 3167d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
omansteveo  +   3167d ago
Download the trailers from xbox live

I wonder how many Tekkens we'll get this gen, oh and Socom 4 and Confrontation are the same game....
#15.1 (Edited 3167d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rybnik  +   3166d ago
15.2 Don't Misinform
Wrong: Socom: Confrontation is not Socom 4. Socom 4 is being dev'ed by Zipper as usual;
From IGN
The first next-generation game for Zipper Interactive (creators of the online phenomenon SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs), this project is described by the developer in job listings as "a large-scale multiplayer game". The title is heavily rumored to be a new entry in the SOCOM franchise.

Also Wrong: Wardevil is indeed exclusive, Gamespot is the only site which has not updated to this FACT. Your wonderful IGN however has and shows that the 360 version was canned.
BTW from Digi-Guys site (highlights)
Wardevi-Unleash The Beast Within
Designed both as a Blu-Ray movie and a videogame
Exhaustive R&D has allowed for the development of our own Games Engine (RTE1080) which gives film quality visuals & effects on it's targeet system (Sony Playstation3)

This list isn't quite right. Evo Studios did a session where they revealed that the tests they have conducted so far show that Motorstorm 2 will have at least a fivefold increase in all technical aspects. Of course the fact the evo mentioned the game is the proof that it exists. GOW3 is in the same boat, yet the article listed it. Inconsistent. By and large though, this list is a good reqresentation of the known games comming exclusively for each console.

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Firewire  +   3167d ago
Can someone tell me why Call of Duty 2 was listed for the released games on the 360? It was on the PS2! That just doesn't make sense to me!

“Next-Gen exclusives” will not be counted. So, we won't be counting games that appear on only one next-gen console but also on the PS2, Xbox or GC. So The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Burnout: Revenge and others are all out"

But they still have Call of Duty 2 as a released 360 game?

SwiderMan: Thanx!
#16 (Edited 3167d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SwiderMan  +   3167d ago
Two different games
Call of Duty 2 and (Xbox 360) and Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (PS2, Xbox, GC) are two different games. And very different at that. One's was the best launch game (360) and the other versions were medicore. Different games.

Thanks for reading the rules, at least, of this confirmed exclusives list. Hope that helped?
Phantom_Lee  +   3167d ago
where is shin megami tensei for PS3!!!
ps3gogetitt  +   3167d ago
Guy please read the rules
Rules as to why these games are listed and why some are not listed have been posted so read the rules before you complain, there are games that die before they get to publishers so you really can't count something that is not concrete, I like my ps3 list the best because it includes mgs4 and lair. Stop complaining about yr early and all that crap, there's no argument here, if you like what's on one list more than the next then start investing in whichever system
IvIoss  +   3167d ago
In case no one noticed....
44 is less than half of 91.
masterg  +   3167d ago
Have anyone noticed. Two years is the double of one year.
snoop_dizzle  +   3167d ago
Can't we just say that the PS3 and 360 have great games coming out?

I guess not.

Well i guess i'll join the club then.

Look the PS2 had a head start and had more games than the xbox.
Even though the xbox was more powerful(i hope you can make a connection here), it came out later. This could be the same thing, history repeating itself.

Msoft just did what sony did last time.

Making buggy consoles but having awesome games(which is why i stuck with my PS2). Again history repeating itself.

And to those who say the 360 has been out longer so this list doesn't count.

So what?

Granted this list is missing some stuff, and some stuff shouldn't be there but for the most part it looks fairly accurate.
Look at the overall package.

I want games. Thats why i want all the consoles.

The PS3 really looks like its going to have a lot of great stuff later, but for now, my 360 is keeping me entertained though recently I've been busy as hell.

And have a lot of you thought that a lot of those games on the 360 aren't multi is because of the total install base?

Even though i kinda believe that the 360 and PS3 really arent doing as well as they should.
#20 (Edited 3167d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
IvIoss  +   3167d ago
In case no one noticed....
44 is less than half of 91.
devi8i  +   3167d ago
In case no one noticed
...quit double posting
ps3gogetitt  +   3167d ago
You fanboys are really
making me start to rethink being a fan of the ps3 with all your constant complaining.... you making sony look bad and you don't even realize defending something you really have no stake in, just stop complaining and enjoy what you have and what's coming up
cookiemonster  +   3167d ago
face it the sony fanboys are very angry kids. be thankful mics weren't included with the console.
ShAkKa  +   3167d ago
im happy with the exclusives i`ll get on ps3.
devi8i  +   3167d ago
Lets look at this a different (better) way
If we all step off of our fanboy soap boxes for just a minute what we would notice from the article is something rather amazing: We will soon have over 211 unique games to play across our favorite gaming systems instead of the usual rehashed version of some overplayed football game which they expect us to shell out $50-$60 for year after year. Three great companies have taken wildly different approaches to building video game consoles and that has given gamers the best "choices" ever in the history of console gaming. Over the next couple of years I really hope there becomes a bigger divide in the type of game experiences we can expect on each console driven by the unique capabilities of each platform. If not us gamers will be forced again to choose between countless ports and updates of the same tired ass sports games with not much new in the ways of creativity.

Furthermore, how many games do each of you plan on buying in the next year and a half? Can anyone really afford to buy all the exclusive titles for any one of the consoles? Even if you did would you honestly have the time to play them all? And out of all 211 exclusive titles I would guess that less than half of them will warrant a metacritic score greater than 70. So at the end of the day, pick teh system(s) you want to own, buy some of teh really great games that are coming out and enjoy them
EasilyTheBest  +   3167d ago
Who Gives a shxt!!!
The point is both machines have sum great exclusives but the 360 is right there with the PS3. No one could of thought this a year ago, even game makers have changed their whole business model.
360 is outselling PS3 right now, try telling that to a Sony fan 7 months ago, not even 360 fans would probably believe it...
Microsoft has done loads right compared to Sony... Yeah I know about ring of death and a few other things but if Microsoft could av seen themselves in this position 2 years back they would be jumping through hoops....
Theres constant talk that Sony will catch up in the end, their games will get better including graphically and the price will come down. Im not so sure, the way I see it Microsoft has already won.
I know PS3 hasn't been out a year yet but that really don't prove a thing. People say give it another 5 years but by then Microsoft will be out 1ST AGAIN with their new console....
cookiemonster  +   3167d ago
I'm already very happy with my 360 console. so regardless of whether or not the xbox gets outsold by sony, the list of quality games coming out for the console has surpassed my expectations.

Forza2 alone will keep me busy till next year
Diselage  +   3167d ago
A good list would be to list just IP's and not the sequels. See how many IP's each company has now.
omansteveo  +   3167d ago
Thats Sony's entire line up i was just going to say that this is the same list i say on PS2....and thats the reason i bought a 360 over a ps3 and the price of course but you know what i mean.

Like i dont get why people still play Tekken after 3 i was done bc i realized that they were just killing of characters them bringing them back with new outfits and saying they were new one's or in JINs case he got wings and Jack oh im sorry GUN JACK turned in to ROBOCOP! oh and Eddies long lost daughter are you kidding me?and god knows we all love to play with pandas,kangaroos and dinosaurs.
omfg_111  +   3167d ago
folks ...
its not about quantity ... its about quality ... and u know ... sony exclusives always was high quality! :)
SolaceFate  +   3166d ago
I agree on this! Sony is all about quality and in the end Sony is the one thats going to come back out a winner out of all of this! They still have minor things they have to change here and there (like the fact that you can't listen to music while playing a game, having voice chat during play and being able to read messages that have been sent too you without closing the game just for a simple "Hello" from a friend), but once all of this fixed up and ready to go with the next couple of updates hopefully, Sony is going to sell a lot more then they are going to expect. And with Warhawk coming out soon, online gaming will never be better, and with The Agents coming out next summer, Sony will be taking online gaming up a level or two, this is when people will appreciate the PS3 !
#27.1 (Edited 3166d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rhaigun  +   3166d ago
This argument worked so well for the Gamecube. *sarcasm*
TheExecutive  +   3166d ago
It really isnt about quantity, but quality. I think the 360 has some great games coming out, but I think sony has some very original new titles. I am ready to leave all the old games behind. I want to see brand new titles and brand new IP's. I want new series... both consoles seem to be coming out with them.
TheExecutive  +   3166d ago
double post...
kingholmes  +   3166d ago
this list is very inaccurate and they mention games they r out befor the ps3 and wii also ALOT of they 360 only or on the Pc and last i look Pc game is still alive.Also it said COD2 when COD3 is on the ps3.i would like to see a list of games for 2007 jan-dec that r console only and if its on pc then its not and Excluives i hope ppl rember that and make a post.....also most ppl that own console own a pc so if u own a ps3 and pc u can play most 360 "EXCLUIVES".
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