Top 5 PSN Games Released in 2009 for Playstation 3

The Playstation Network had a big year in 2009 for the Playstation 3 with many great games being released on the Playstation Store. So which five titles managed to be the best of the crop for 2009?

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cyberwaffles2944d ago

excellent games. i've only played the fat princess and critter crunch demo, but i hear nothing but good things about shattered, pixel junk shooter, and flower. gotta get them sometime.

also, dead nation is going to be the best PSN game for 2010. calling it right now.

Carl14122944d ago

If you do not have flower, i can not stress enough that you should buy it the very instant you read this comment

hay2944d ago

Shatter is fun as hell, Flower is must have fantastic title. IMO it's worth much more than it costs.

A Cupcake for Gabe2944d ago

Totally agree on Flower. Flower is so epic, so original, so beautiful, so unique. I couldn't of imagined anything like it, so when it first came out, it blew my mind. Totally an emotional game. Like a living poem. one word: EPIC

So to all who doubt or just haven't bought it. BUY Flower now!

It's one of greatest games, not just PSN, every envisioned. ThatGameCompany are truly inspirational, and I recommend this from the 85yr old casual Wii loving grandma to the hardcore mw2 junkie. It is epic and you'll fall in love with it. I promise you.

Saaking2944d ago

I still haven't bought flower. I need to buy that game.

goflyakite2944d ago

i have everything on that list except for Critter Crunch because I didn't really love the demo.

Flower is easily my favorite down loadable game ever. PJ Shooter, Eden, BF 1943, Shatter and Trine are all awesome too.

and i still want to buy Braid.

Automat2943d ago

zen pinball has gone missing....

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Redempteur2944d ago

FLower was excellent .i didnot like criter crunch as much as i would have liked
( i remmeber playing the same kind of game on neogeo back in the days ) , IMO trash panic was better

MajestieBeast2944d ago

Shatter is freaking awesome from the music to the game itself. Nice list love fat princess havent played critter crunch and flower tho.

table2944d ago

Braid is the best game in my book. It should have made the list.

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The story is too old to be commented.