The 6 Worst Games Ever Farted Out by Beloved Franchises

Producing sequels to classic game video games is one helluva balancing act. If you deprive gamers of sequels, you risk irrelevancy (hello, EarthBound). If you flood the market with shoddy crap, you'll ruin the brand (hello, Sonic the Hedgehog).

That balancing act means even the most beloved gaming franchises have farted out a trainwreck of a game once or twice in their lives. The results range from simply unplayable to laughably insane.

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Anorexorcist3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

If you hang around that kid or Blanka, you'll contract "Ginger-vitis"

Be very cautious around "them" though. They got no souls, so they got nothing to lose!

Akagi3222d ago

The Legend of Zelda Phillips CD-i is legendary!

dgroundwater3222d ago

I'm going to Gamelon to find... DINNER!

UnSelf3222d ago

has anyone ever beat M. Bison in Movie mode in Street Fighter the movie: the game for Sega Saturn

is it even possible?

ico923222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

um what about bomberman act zero that game was awful beyond beleif from looking at it you wouldnt think its a bomberman game.


Im so hungry i could eat an octorok!!!

gintoki7773222d ago

i think kojima has done a pretty good job of not ruining mgs each game is always solid

hay3222d ago

@Bubbles: If arcade counts, I did.

SaiyanFury3221d ago

Haha, ah yes, the Philips CD-i. The should have been abortion between Nintendo and Philips after Nintendo shafted Sony on the original SNES CD "Play Station". Mario Hotel was terrible, and many consider the Zelda license games on the system so bad, they're classic. There's a lot of games here that really did suck copious amounts of ass. It was painful to see Raul Julia, God rest his soul, attempt to portray M. Bison in the Street Fighter movie. Unfortunately, even to this day, movies based on games are generally painful to watch. The most recent I've seen was Doom. Barely any story, and they even changed the plot of the game. The acting was equally painful to watch. I hope that Dwayne Johnson (AKA: The Rock) doesn't list that one on his resume. I truly hope that future game-based movies get better, but considering the last 15 years of attempts, I don't trust a hope. :)

GCNSean3221d ago

Online gaming journalism has now come to using words like "farts" in headers just to score a few cheap hits... The Beaver would be blushing.

bacon133221d ago

OMG Street Fighter: The Movie was probably one of the worst games I ever played. I almost just vomited on my desk thinking about it.

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HOSe3222d ago

man, pac man 2 the new adventures brings up bad memories of a terrible game

mrv3213222d ago

I'd like to add one more game to list...

Need For Speed. The last couple of ones have been pretty bad (shift was good) but nothing can compare them to the original. I loved running from cops... having a tire go flat and having to try even harder... such fun.

BabyStomper50003222d ago

I was so pissed after *I* picked out Mario is Missing from target and brought it home. I was like 6! I didn't wanna read that crap! I wanted to pop turtle heads with Luigi WTF man!?

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