Uncharted 2 is a Bit Rubbish in Standard Def

Negative Gamer:

"As something of an early Christmas present to myself I bought Uncharted 2. It arrived a few hours ago and I've been Nathan-Drakeing it around since. I am disappointed to say the least. The mountains of hype accompanying this title and my discovery of its pseudo-incompatibility with 480p has left me more than a little annoyed to have spent so much money on it.

Without HD (I assume, I've not played it in HD and nobody who has shares my complaints) all the detail you need to play the game is simply missing. I played Uncharted on an SD TV and don't remember having any of these problems, which is why it has been all the more surprising."

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wardrox2795d ago

That's why it's set as an Article and not "News". Read more.

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poindat2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

...But don't all games made to HD standards lose detail and clarity on SD sets? It's 2009. Games are being made to 720/1080p standards, not 420.

Maybe the author should stick to the PS2 if it bothers him so much...

willie322795d ago

The dude that wrote this article is a complete dumb!#$. Instead of buying a game, why didn't you treat yourself to a HDTV. Go play your Wii.

Double072795d ago

Rofl @ this "article"

Also it has over 20 reports and it still got approved xD

A Cupcake for Gabe2795d ago

@ the Sony Tv

I can't report you as SPAM, cause you so damn

But I have seen this game on SD, and it looks fine. looks the mostly same, but without that vibrant polish. put some saran wrap on your hdtv and that's the clarity. it doesn't looks like the tv is filled with fog like the article says.

Parapraxis2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Wait, when playing games on an SD set you lose detail!!!!

What a relief we have brilliant people around like wardrox (the author) to point that out!
Surely Naughty Dog should be ashamed that the game appears to have less detail on a TV that cannot show as much detail!
What were they thinking!
Next time, get it right ND, and make sure you make an "extra blocky" mode!

( Don't think I need to add /s to that =D )

HardcoreGamer2795d ago


SoapShoes2795d ago

I played Uncharted 2 in SD and it was still amazing in graphics. Now I have an HDTV and there are more details, yes, but doesn't make the SD version horrible.

philrox2795d ago

Same with me. I've recently bought a HDTV, but before that i use to play uncharted 2 on a SDTV. And sure it looks better on the hdtv but the game was never unplayable on the SDTV like this guy says. He either needs to check that his TV is working or check his eyesight!

mastiffchild2795d ago

This guy's either just a liar looking desperately for ways to knock U2 OR his SDTV's tube is omn it's way out. I took my PS3 with us to my mums when the whole clan met up at Xmas dinner and we played U1 AND 2 among others(LBP and some Motorstorm)and all the games looked fine. Sure you lose inevitable detail but NOTHING like what he suggests here, it's laughable. In my experience, unless his TV is up the creek it's also a little bit of a fib, imo.

And anyway, who wouldn't expect a little reduction in clarity/detail when doing this?

jmd7492795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

uncharted 2 is such a great game, that idiots can make stupid "articles" like these just to get hits. lame.


Rock Bottom2795d ago

Is this a review about his rubbish TV?!

Kevin ButIer2795d ago

Too much awesomenes for SD

Sorry folk

bpac1234567892795d ago

Even though its not all that inmportant,this guy is still right. Uncharted 2 looks like ass on a sdtv (its a blurry mess) that's why i can't bare to play it on anything other than my hdtv. Infact the only game i own that looks decent on an sdtv is MW2, ironic. Everything else like killzone 2 and mgs4 looks pretty bad.

But then again, thats what people get for being cheap. There's a big difference between hd and sd now and everybody who plays games or enjoys watching movies should own one. Your doing a great disservice to the game your playing if your not watching it in hd, the way it was meant to be played.

bjornbear2795d ago

i played and finished U2 on standard def, since i haven't gotten an HD tv yet, yet my screen is very big, and the game looks beautiful.

Not AS beautiful as in HD obviously, but to say in SD it's a bit rubbish?

Stupid, just full out stupid.

SilentNegotiator2795d ago

It's the same with ANY game. SD is old hack, yo.

So what's his complaint? The textures aren't rubbish enough to accommodate an SDTV like with Halo and Gears? Too many details? Objects aren't large enough?

Welcome to the world of yesterday.

FACTUAL evidence2795d ago

have Standard red, white, yellow cables in an HD TV then it looks like tht. I have a regular tv from 1999, and using RWY, and it looks waay clearer and detailed than this. I can show proof to anyone who thinks otherwise.

Redempteur2795d ago

does this idiot play uncharted 2 in 320*200 ?? because that's the only way graphics can be "average" or rubbish

TheDeadMetalhead2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

That's interesting, because I have an SDTV, and Uncharted 2 looks fine on it; nothing like that. Maybe he should try not playing it with the sharpness turned all the way down. >.>

The only game I've ever had problems with because of my SDTV is Dead Rising, and that was because of the STUPID RIDICULOUSLY SMALL TEXT GODDAMN HOW COULD ANYONE READ THAT?!

GrandTheftZamboni2795d ago

Yeah, I also noticed reduced quality when watching on my black and white tv.

reintype2795d ago

Wow, a game that was made for HD, and it loses some of it's detail in SD? I didn't know that, gee thanks./s *SHAKES HEAD*

I can't believe, you even have the gall to complain, with such a lame argument. You can't be that ignorant or are you?

And to think that you're the editor-in-chief of this site, boy you should be ashame of yourself. If you have any decency left in you, do us a favor and refrain from writing anymore articles.

ThanatosDMC2795d ago

Yeah, so true. HD games look like crap when you play 'em on SD tvs. That's common sense and he gripes about it. ::facepalm::

Kleptic2795d ago

yeah not sure what the point he 'assumes' its an issue of the game being played in SD...

a fair assumption the game pretty much unanimously took 2009 by, gameplay, name it...its the best the year had to offer...

all this article points out is how much better HD gaming is than can take a game like ODST and play it in SD and barely notice a you can't really play the game in HD to begin with...yet this article would make you believe that that is an advantage?...weird...

freeblue2795d ago

I try to put it in my Atari, and the brightness sux axx. way too dark for me to play.

littletad2795d ago

Surely there's many more rubbish stories popping up that NEVER get any complaints from the majority.

madpuppy2795d ago

What's that? :P

let me guess, this guy still has a rotary phone and watches 8mm films.

I wonder if he had to replace the ribbon in his royal typewriter to finish his article?


Time_Is_On_My_Side2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

lol, you do know there are only four sections news/stories, user review, blog post, & funny stuff? This is in the "news/stories" under a story type like "news" or "article" so even if it's under a story type "article" it's goes under "news/stories". Just to let you know the website's name is "News for Gamers".

Homicide2795d ago

The funny thing is, all of you complaining made this submission popular.

commodore642795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

@ homicie
You got it nailed there dude.

It seems there are three ways you can get LOTS of traffic to your site from n4g:

1. You can write a positive ps3 piece and submit it to n4g, or
2. You can write a negative ps3 piece and submit it to n4g, or
3. You can write both kinds and submit them to n4g.

Whichever one you choose, does not really matter.
Guaranteed hits are sure to follow!

Absolute genius.
Maybe I should start a blog/website and collect the advertising revenue?

FarEastOrient2795d ago

Why play an HD game on a SD set, the year is 2009 soon to be 2010...

vhero2795d ago

I wonder if he tried comparing it to a HD 360 game to get the true fanboy side of things?

GCNSean2795d ago

A totally useless article. But a HDTV... they are mega-cheap now...

inveni02794d ago

My son busted our HDTV while I was about 30% through my 2nd play through of Uncharted. We've replaced it temporarily with an old SDTV. The game is still awesome. Sure, pulling off headshots can be a little harder, but it doesn't break the game. I played through Uncharted 1 the first time on SDTV, and the HDTV was a welcome upgrade. It does make the game more enjoyable...but "rubbish"? That's a word you use when you want hits.