Say Goodbye to the Halo 3 Beta , Time to clean your HDD

So the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta has gone off to the big Pillar of Autumn in the sky, leaving Master Chief fans all around the world crying into their Mjolnir. But look on the bright side - at least you can free up 1GB of memory on your hard drive!

Yup, the Beta has been gobbling up a fair portion of your space for a month now, so start afresh by deleting the file. If you downloaded the Beta using a code then it's simple - just go to the Games blade, choose Demos and More, select the Beta and choose Delete.

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Caxtus7504179d ago

a good point actually, id forgotten to delete it. Yes...that makes me stupid....

kerwin20054179d ago

this is my tip... man i rock......