New iPhone 4G coming to Verizon Wireless in 2010?

Quickpwn: According to Digitimes, OmniVision, the supplier of the 3.2 megapixel camera for the current iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS has secured 5-megapixel camera orders for the iPhone 4G . The iPhone 4th generation will launch in the second half of 2010. It will also contain a CDMA chip that allows it to be used on the Verizon Wireless network, if the rumors are true.

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bioshock12213279d ago

I would definitely buy the Iphone if it ever did come to verizon. Never really had a good experience with AT&T's service with cell phones.

Crazyglues3279d ago

I'm on Verizon so all I can say is, it's about dam time... been waiting for this dam phone to come to Verizon ever since they made an iPhone..

Finally I can now get one... -and I can't wait..

zeeshan3279d ago

I hope it's true. I really hope it's true. We need more competition.

inveni03279d ago

I think this is just a rumor. Has anyone seen the ads about using the web while talking on the phone with iPhone? That's not possible on the Verizon network. Why would Apple push that 'feature' so hard only to release the iPhone onto an older, gimped network later? It doesn't make sense.

On the other hand, however, I hope that they DO release on Verizon. I'm a certified iPhone developer, and having the extra customer pool would be welcomed, indeed.

And, finally, it shouldn't be called the iPhone 4G unless it's going to use 4G data services. The iPhone 3G wasn't called '3G' because it was 3rd generation, but because it was the first iteration to use 3G data.

darkmurder3279d ago

5 Megapixel camera, dont really have an excuse not to get one now unless windows mobile 7 is really damn good.

PS360PCROCKS3279d ago

"I think this is just a rumor. Has anyone seen the ads about using the web while talking on the phone with iPhone? That's not possible on the Verizon network. Why would Apple push that 'feature' so hard only to release the iPhone onto an older, gimped network later? It doesn't make sense."

Yeah it's such a "feature". "Hey man can you hold on I'm going to browse the internet really quickly." Apple and AT&T will use ANY miniscule feature they can find to downplay Verizons obviously superior network. Gimped? Haha! Have fun in New York and San Francisco with your Iphone 3G, lemme know how that faster internet works out for you. I love my droid anyways.

Jaces3279d ago

speaking of iphone, anyone know how well the droid performs?

I was waiting for the iphone until I heard it wasn't coming to verizon after all a while back. Decided to get the droid but now they say iphone could be verizon capable.

Don't know which would be the better of the two.

mbizzle3279d ago

I have the iPhone too and never in my life has AT&T provided me with anything other than subpar service. I would switch immediately.

OpenGL3278d ago

I have the Motorola Droid and have been very pleased with it. The screen is a gorgeous 854x480 TFT LCD making it 2.6x higher than the iPhone 3GS' 480x320 screen. This makes web browsing very nice, and Flash Player 10.1 is arriving sometime in the first half of 2010 for the Android web browser.

As far as the hardware specs go, it's the same Arm Cortex-A8 that is in the iPhone 3GS and the same PowerVR GPU with 256MB of RAM just like the iPhone 3GS.

Google Android 2.01 is pretty awesome and some of the android exclusive apps from Google like Goggles and Skymap are pretty great as well. Google Navigation is also a very nice piece of free GPS software.

With that said, I'd probably wait for the HTC Passion for Verizon customers as it sports a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU so it should be be even faster than the already pretty fast Motorola Droid. Also the WVGA AMOLED screen should be even more beautiful.

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jack who3279d ago

but spirit is the only one with a 4g network?

EpicGamerSwordsman3279d ago

Spirit? i think you mean't Sprint.

baum3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

You can't ask for proper spelling from X-tards

jimbone3279d ago

Man I want to slap you in the mouth so bad.

jimbone3277d ago

LOL, OK that was funny.

Anyway here you go.

/b1tch slap

That's the best i can do over the computer.

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Crazyglues3279d ago

That's what they need, some serious competition to force them to step up their game, or they won't do it... -because big companies like this only do it if they really have to.

So this will force them to step up their network and invest in making it faster and better for customers.. this is a win, win.

inveni03279d ago

Step up their game? Why? What exactly are they doing wrong? I've been with AT&T for almost ten years, and I've never had a complaint. I've been using the iPhone for about a year now, and can do nothing but praise it.

Maybe I'm just lucky?

PS360PCROCKS3279d ago

Once again Inveni0, At&t network is crap compared to Verizon's. Have you seen the map commercials? Verizon's not lying, the 3g coverage for AT&T blows hard.

hfaze3278d ago

Hopefully this means that AT&T's exclusive deal with Apple is over, and other carriers (like T-Mobile) will finally "officially" get the iPhone.

I had AT&T service for a few years and had a good experience with their network, but their price is what caused me to switch away from them. I had a single line of service with a smartphone (Nokia E71x), and it was running me about $120/mo. for 900 anytime minutes, unlimited messaging, and unlimited data.

Anything that could possibly lead to AT&T being more reasonable on their service pricing (like their cash cow, the iPhone, going to other networks as well) is very welcome in my book...

likedamaster3278d ago


LOL. Verizon expanded their coverage by buying out Altell and simply taking over their towers. At the same time, significantly raising their prices. Their phones are still the worst in the bunch, coverage was average before, and now support is getting just as crappy as Sprint's. With that said, NEVER had a problem with AT&T and couldn't be any happier with the service. Sure, AT&T could use more coverage but the iPhone alone makes going with AT&T all the more worth it.

PS360PCROCKS3278d ago

raising prices? Mine never raised, and I hardly think Verizon's phones suck. Between the tour, storm 2, Droid, HTC Eris and all the opcoming google phones they are getting they sure have some cool phones. I would have agreed last year though.

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El_Colombiano3279d ago

So I can finally get the iPhone on a reliable network?

BigPete79783279d ago

The iPhone is the only phone I would switch carriers for. I came to Verizon for the 3G iPhone. And I would go back to Verizon for the 4G iPhone. During my 5 or so years with Verizon it was definitely apparent they had the better service over AT&T.

kornbeaner3279d ago

Where does Verizon have the iPhone? out here in Cali only AT&T has the iphone under their service.

BigPete79783279d ago

That's a typo by me. I meant to say I came to AT&T for the 3G iPhone. My apologies.

kornbeaner3279d ago

It's cool I wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything, but if there was a way to jail break it I probably would've been all over it.

Sub4Dis3279d ago

a friend of mine has an iPhone that works on the verizon network. features are limited though...

3279d ago
hfaze3278d ago

"there is a friend of mine has an iPhone that works on the verizon network. features are limited though..."

LOL... I hope you mean T-Mobile and not Verizon... I would be interested to see how "your friend" got a GSM/UMTS device to work on a CDMA/EVDO network considering the differences in how the device talks to the network, and the chipset/radio differences between the two VERY different network types.

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