Download Classic Nickelodeon Cartoons On Xbox Live For FREE

90s kids everywhere, rejoice. Classic Nickelodeon cartoons are coming to Xbox Live for free. At the moment you can download the first episodes of Hey Arnold, Rugrats (remember the episodes before Dil was born?), Rocko's Modern Life and Doug on the Marketplace.

And more are apparently to come!

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bioshock12212944d ago

That's awesome I loved the rugrats when I was a little kid and Doug as well.

Skip_Bayless2944d ago

This is where cartoons were at their best. I don't watch any modern day anime or cartoon or animated movie.

LeonSKennedy4Life2944d ago

The PS3 has Invader Zim...

: )

Just saying...

...and trolling.

It has all these shows too. It's had them for awhile.

kewlkat0072944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Favorite shows

-Double Dare
-Ren and Stimpy(Happy Happy, Joy, Joy)
-Rocko's modern Life
-Think fast
-Gullah Gullah Island
-Figure it Out
-Wild & Crazy kids
-Clarissa Explains it All
-Adventures of Pete & Pete
-What Would You Do
-Secret World of Alex Mack
-Kenan & Kel
-Are you Afraid of the dark
-All That (I had a crush on that black girl on there)
-Salute Your Shorts(Donkey Lips character had me crackin)
-Legends of The hidden Temple(Loved that show)
-Aaah!!! Real monsters
-Hey Arnold
-Angry Beavers
-SpongBob(Who haven't watched Mr. Square pants)

Things went downhill when 2000 hit real quick, just as I was and still is an 80's Cartoon freak, there was a time when TV shows/Networks had their golden moments. Today I watch a little of the "Cartoon Channel" and "BOOMERANG" for some of the 80's stuff.

Sexius Maximus2944d ago

I bought this shirt a couple of years ago. Hopefully more people will get the humor of it now.

Rocket Sauce2944d ago

I'm wearing my Purple Parrots shirt from Legends of the Hidden Temple right now. It gets so many good reactions out of people. I got this one girl to believe I was on the show and I won a Huffy bike.

Anyways, this is awesome. I'm gonna go download Rocko.

HolyOrangeCows2944d ago

"Hey Arnold....Rocko's Modern Life"



IaMs122943d ago

Yes this is very awesome! Exciting just a few weeks ago a few friends and i were listing all the old cartoon we use to watch. SO many memories, i feel old now

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LONEWOLF2312944d ago

Freaking Nice!
Hey Arnold was my favorite!

table2944d ago

Arnold was an ass though, he was always screwing over Gerald because of his 'conscience'. It used to piss me off. Great show still.

Myst2944d ago

A dream come true, I'm downloading these because I was just talking with a friend as to how awesome those shows were. I hope they add more for free ( though not likely ).

P.S. All four of those cartoons were awesome to watch on Nick, wonder if they'll put that 90s batman up to...(yes I know it was on Cartoon Network though)

Rocket Sauce2944d ago

The Batman, Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons were my life when I was 8.

whothedog2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

No Ahhh Real Monster?! Rocko and Doug was awesome though haha. Almost forgot about Ren and Stimpy!

blue7xx72944d ago

So are they available now Hey arnold was awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.