3D Realms CEO Vows Duke Nukem 'Resurgence' in 'Next Few Years'

While it's been a rather tumultuous year for Duke Nukem series handler 3D Realms--the company laid off its internal development team in May, leading to a messy legal feud with publisher Take-Two over Duke Nukem Forever--CEO Scott Miller still envisions a bright future for the ass-kicking, gum-lacking action hero.

"There are numerous other Duke games in various stages of development, several due out this year. We are definitely looking to bring Duke into casual gaming spaces, plus there are other major Duke games in production".

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rebirthofcaos2949d ago

Joke for the next century?

unrealgamer582949d ago

"due out next year"


NotSoSilentBob2948d ago

I'll believe that the day DNF is on the store shelves.

ZombieAutopsy2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

At least my grandchildren can play it one day.

2948d ago
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