Portable Gaming Could Soon be Banned on Planes

NG writes;

"As soon as the incident occurred, airport security was turned up to 11 with many passengers talking about being patted down and full bag searches not just at security, but also actually at the boarding gates. On international flights (like the one I'll be taking from the UK to the US in a few weeks) passengers aren't allowed to get up, or have any personal items on their lap in the final hour of the flight.

More annoying still [there's going to be] a possible ban on all electronic devices for the entirety of the flight. That eight hour transatlantic flight just got a whole lot longer without my DS or iPod."

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verygoodyear3278d ago

They'll start charging for using electronics soon.

Maddens Raiders3277d ago

i travel all the time. just like the morons before him, this guy has screwed up even more shyt for air travelers. perhaps in the future we'll all have to travel naked on airlines :S

ThanatosDMC3277d ago

Reminds me of Harold and Kumar's smokeless bong.

SilentNegotiator3277d ago

Airlines will soon require you to ride the plane naked.

bjornbear3277d ago

i understand one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, but this guy is just an a$$hole...on christmas day? to prove what? to anger mankind more? is this really a solution?

moron...and above that, now people will have to be more paranoid =/

well, this doesn't effect me because on planes i read and draw, i never play =)

still, sucks so bad for those who do =(

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mrv3213278d ago

Let's face it... by removing electronic devices from planes terrorism will no longer work... it's just that simple.

For the shoe bombings no one considered removing shoes from planes now?

In a country where their are more gun shops than petrol stations aquiring said equipment for taking down a commercial plane from the GROUND wouldn't be diffucult... and besides by removing the easy methods of detection they'll just go more extreme... how long before the muel a bomb or make a non metaltic detonotar.

I hate terrorism but I can't applaud our anti-terrorism messures... shortly after the 100ml+ ban a scientist came out publicly and said... yeah it's easy to bi-pass. The only reason why they are banning this is because it's cheaper I mean why not have a particle detector surely that would stop allmost ALL plots.

To me this is PLANE stupid... get it? Plane?

greeneggsnsam3277d ago

Unless you bring them in a clear container.

Tomkar3277d ago

If this can somehow stop an accident I got absolutely nothing against it.

GameOn3277d ago

Well it's just a shame these "accidents" happen in the first place.
Peace out.

xabmol3277d ago

Our government LOVES people like you....

STK0263277d ago

By your logic (if pushed to the extreme), it's okay to ban clothes and have 99% of the human population tied to their bed while the other 1% force feeds them and take care of their personal hygiene, as it would prevent all kind of accidents, like car accidents, terrorism, thievery, rape, murder and wars. It's all for the good of mankind!

I know you didn't mean it that way, but seeing the way the government reacts to every single threat these days can be seen as somewhat ridiculous at moments, with every failure they face in protecting us, they restrain us a little bit more.

Tomkar3274d ago

Guys, seriously? Are you retarded for reall? I said if this can save lives, it's good!? If somebody you loved was on that plane and it crashes and somebody dies like your wife, mother, father or a sibling and you here this could be prevented by turning of some dudes PSP, would you not do it?

@STK026: No thats by you logic not mine. Dont pull stuff out your as*.

xabmol3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

B. Give me liberty (city stories) or give me death.

You may be content with trading you freedoms and liberties away for a FALSE sense of security. But I am tired of the rest of you dumb f***s making that decision for all of us.

''Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.'' - Ben Franklin

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GamerSciz3277d ago

I've got a feeling he was on the naughty list for christmas...

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