Got a PS3 for Christmas...Now What?

Explicit Gamer writes a very solid game plan for new PS3 owners. Many people wonder, "What do I do with my PS3 now that it is un-boxed". Well here is a solid guide to help all you new (and old) PS3 owners get the most out of your system.

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slave2Dcontroller2795d ago

Ummm, if you dont know then shame on you! Need help? See GOTYS haha

deadreckoning6662795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I can agree with you GUCommander in a sense, the only PS3 exclusives I spent hours upon hours on this year was Killzone 2 and the Bad Company 2 beta. If I were a new PS3 owner, I'd recommend waiting until 2010 to buy anything:

The Wands
Modnation Racers
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy 14
Resistance 3

I hear Uncharted 2 is great, but I wouldn't recommend spending the full 60 bucks to buy it now when you can put that money towards Agent or GOW3, two games that'll likely surpass UC2 as far as quality. I just got 100 bucks for X-mas and Im saving it for the Wands.

Skip_Bayless2795d ago

XBL Gold is not far superior than PSN. Feature for Feature PSN is 90% there and if you factor in that PSN is free then PSN is better than XBL Gold. The Cross media bar is better than the dashboard, but not as flashy or as slick though. Bottom line is I can find what I need faster on the XMB than on the XBOX dashboard.

kurochi2794d ago


If you just got a PS3 this Christmas, chances are that you haven't played any of exclusive PS3 games. I'd have to disagree with you and tell them to buy Resistance 1 & 2, UC1 & UC2, MGS IV, LBP..... and that's just for beginners. If you haven't played any of the above mentioned, you haven't experience the full PS3 experience. That's just my humble opinion......

PJ2794d ago

1. Find receipt
2. Return PS3
3. Purchase Wii
4. Enjoy the best gaming this gen with the new super mario bros Wii its awesome.

Darrius Cole2794d ago

1. Don't think just buy Metal Gear Solid 4 and start playing it.

A Cupcake for Gabe2794d ago

Solo! I totally want an ax like that for GH:Metallica

jon12342794d ago

lol that made me laugh for some reason

Ragz0172794d ago

play b3yond.. buy those AAA exclusives..

Hutch23552794d ago

He would be saying "you should make love to your ps3" Since that is basically what comes out of his mouth anytime a sony/ps3 article is posted on this site. Sickening.

TheDeadMetalhead2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

"XXXX committed suicide"
"XXXX > Enemy1"
"XXXX > Enemy2"
"XXXX > Enemy3"
"XXXX > Enemy4"

Also, teabag dying enemies. ;o

ThanatosDMC2794d ago

Teabagging a dying enemy on KZ2 usually gets me lying next to them. If you stop, you're dead. Gotta love the assault class.

JD_Shadow2794d ago

I disagree. Uncharted 2 IS worth the money, and that wasn't the only game we got this year. inFamous and Killzone 2 were others.

zeeshan2794d ago

@1.2: You need help my friend :)

DaTruth2794d ago

Buy lots of games... Practice hard and often... Then get Demon's Souls!

GameGambits2794d ago

Now what?!

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
and import FF13


Pain2794d ago

Not that we watch porn on our PS3's....

Jinxstar2794d ago

you know. I was in gamestop today because I got a gift card and wanted to spend it. I didn't realize how long the line would be until I got there and decided to suck it up. So in my waiting I noticed the PS3 wall was surrounded by people. Like probably close to 15. The 360 wall however was very lonely in it's corner... Made me smile a little =D

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GUCommander2795d ago

Well, to be fair, most of the article involves NOT spending money. And the exclusives this year weren't THAT good. Uncharted 2 is pretty much the only must-have game this year. Everything else was either alright or targeted to a specific audience.

GUCommander2795d ago

@DrWan Yes but Demon's Soul does not appeal to everyone. You can't say "Buy Demon's Soul NOW" because that is a sort of game that appeals to a very specific audience. And with Valkria Chronicles, I completely agree. That game is amazing....but all i said was exclusives THIS YEAR weren't so hot. And unfortunately most agree. Look at the front page of N4G for a great example...

PS3 is great, and you're mistaking what I say as, "PS3 Sux"...

deadreckoning6662794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Idk, why so many people blindly recommend MGS4 to just any PS3 owner. MGS4 is FAR from the type of game that appeals to everyone. I've said it before and ill say it again..MGS4 was the worst $30 I ever spent on a videogame. It's an interactive movie really. I could care less about what the reviews said, MGS3 was more entertaining IMO.

Same thing with Demon Souls. How can you recommend Demon Souls to just ANY PS3 owner? It's a hardcore niche title. Little Big Planet on the other hand is a game I'd recommend to ANY PS3 owner.

Edit: As far as my above comment, all I said was that it would be wise to save cash for 2010. Don't know why I got THAT many disagrees.

DrWan2794d ago

If you buy a PS3, you will have games to play. In fact, you will probably have more games to choose from than the Xbox 360 line up. So this article title is a bit rediculous. Even without all the first party exclusive, I personally think that the PS3's BluRay + Free Online is more than enough to appeal to the mass. Adding the exclusives, it definately is now one step above the competitions (both consoles). I think Sony has came a very long way from 3 yrs ago.

RememberThe3572794d ago

If your only looking to get some exclusives the PS3 has quite a lot of high quality games to pick up. But, gamers don't only got for exclusives, luck for you the PS3 has some damn good multiplatform games as well.

"Targeted to a specific audience" is what Sony is known for. PS3 exclusive are targeted toward the specific audience known as "gamers". :)

SilentNegotiator2794d ago


Killzone 2, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Batman:AA, Demon's mean to tell me NONE of those are must-have?


Sarcasm2794d ago

It seems that Uncharted 2 is so damn good, trolls cant downplay it but they sure can downplay other PS3 games just fine.

rezenu2794d ago

Then you, my friend are not a gamer. Move along.