Walmart Offers Insane Xbox 360 Console Deal

"Well... this one is one hell of a deal, and likely the best Xbox 360 console deal of 2009...

Grab the Xbox LIVE Value Bundle with 2 Games, 12 Month Xbox LIVE card + $50 Walmart eGift Card for only $259! The Xbox 360 Elite is also available for $99 more..."

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badkolo3277d ago

wow, you get free live and you choose the 2 games you want, thats a great price, so 2 games of your choice, plus free live and 50 bucks from wallmart, jesus thats a steal.even the elite deal at 299 with free live and 2 games of your choice is a great deal

Government Cheese3277d ago

I'm considering getting this deal just so I can turn around and ebay everything a few days later.. make a $100-$200 profit easily

evrfighter3277d ago

almost bought it but it doesn't come with a hard drive.

Bereaver3277d ago

You guys are blind sided, it's 259 for the arcade and +99$ for the elite. That's 349.

3277d ago
iswatmrbig3277d ago

wow. you fail at life because you can't spell the word "sentence". FACT!

-Alpha3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

when ps3 makes a deal, it's considered an awesome thing. When MS does it, it's desperation.

On top of that this is what WALMART is offering, not MS.

Mr Bot3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

wow!!! just WOW!!!

sure u wont see these deals on ps3 or wii, u know why guys?? because there IS demand for them at their current prices!!!

360 sold a little more than ps3 last month because of the $100 price cut and the 1 million banned console!!

i give u my word that this month ps3 sold more than 360 in USA!!

this is the scenarios we have

1: ps3 and 360 will be fighting for second place in USA
2: ps3 and wii will be fighting for first place world wide this gen!!
3: ps3 will be the victor in both scenarios!!!


there is a limit to an offer!! when u practically give your console for free then u can count on me and call it desperation!

Traveler3277d ago

That really is a great deal. If I didn't already have one I would pick that up in a heartbeat.

bjornbear3277d ago

that doesn't "compute" with "it" =/

SilentNegotiator3277d ago

But, that's like....$170 worth of free stuff! I mean.....why?

If I didn't already have one, I'd be on this like a hawk on a hamster.

Eddie201013277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Seems desperate because Microsoft throws so much extra stuff in to sell a console, and the fact that they are doing this after the Christmas shopping season.

And yes these deals are made buy Microsoft with retailers.

Dude4203276d ago

So you call that desperation? Then by your logic, this is the ultimate desperation.

The Lazy One3276d ago

First, Sales after christmas are hugely common. It has nothing to do with desperation. It's boxing day!

Second, as an american... I really do hate futureshop. More so futureshop's lack of being in america.

Funny thing I found:
the 120gb PS3 costs the same as the 160gb with 3 sweet games.

The Happy Baby3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

everyone is entitled to their opinion :)
but its for the benefit of everyone, that we limit the amount of fanboy crap coming out of our mouths. :)


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shazui1233277d ago

is why there's no digital optical out on the 360. Im not sure if there's one with the elite, but if youve got an awesome sound system and an HDTV you need it to get the best possible sound. Really bugs me.

SantistaUSA3277d ago

My xbox360 20gb has the optical out, i cant imagine that yours wouldn't!

crck3277d ago

it's on the component cable which they no longer include. If you want to use spdif out and hdmi together you either have to make alterations to the component cable(take off the plastic shell so it will fit) or you have to buy a dongle for like $15-$20 or so off ebay.

GameOn3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

It's on the scart/RGB cable with the switch which came with older box's. Not sure the newer box's have that type of cable but I think you can buy a litle optical thing.

These pics may give you a better Idea.

Edit: crck was there fist, he knows the crack.

LoydX-mas3277d ago

It has an HDMI output. If you have an "awsome" audio system, then it should have multiple HDMI inputs and one output (so you can run all of your equipment through the reciever and have one HDMI going to your HDTV).

This is the advantage of HDMI, so both high-def sound and high-def video can go through one cable.

DarkSavior3277d ago

Shazui, you need to get with the times man. HDMI audio is far more uncompressed than optical, google that too buddy

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Obama3277d ago

My heater doesn't have Xbox Live and it works great. :x

karan86243277d ago

This WOULD be an amazing deal but unfortunately its the arcade

OGharryjoysticks3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Supposedly..."Starting from 259" - Build your bundle. Pick the console. Pick 2 games. Then one accessory.