Mass Effect 2 Website Has A New Look And More

E4G: masseffect2 has just tweeted that they have added some stuff to the website.

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dkblackhawk503280d ago

The new design looks awesome :P

The_Nameless_One3280d ago

No it doesn't. The look they initially had for the site looked and feel way better. It had a more Mass Effecty feel to it.

dkblackhawk503280d ago

The new videos look great.

Kamikaze1353280d ago

I still have to beat the first...I'm getting a new PC in March (so far away), so I guess I probably won't even play Mass Effect 2 until around mid April since I still have to finish the 1st, lol.

dkblackhawk503280d ago

Have fun finishing the first one :P

we won3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Yeah I can't wait to pop it in my PC too. WTF?

Got to love the people that don't actually comment on the game itself or the topic but simply announces they will be playing on PC. lol

Love the new Streamline site design, it is mature and a bit dark seemingly matching the mood of the new game.

Now off to another game article where I will announce what platform I will play the game on without even talking about the topic :p

Kamikaze1353280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Maybe because I'm excited about the PC I'm getting? Lol, jeez...I can't even mention a platform without being flamed on this site. This is fanboy central.


Well, yes, I did, lol. Before coming to this site I was looking for a desktop to buy and I found the perfect one. I got overly excited because I'd be able to play this game along with finishing off the first one (my current PC can't handle it, lol). The PC I have now is utter crap, so getting the monster of a PC I saw gave me a pretty overwhelming feeling I guess, haha.

3280d ago
Antan3280d ago

Don`t worry about "We Won", "POG", "Why Dis" etc etc, he doesn`t have much sympathy around here, abuses the system you see. Anyway, nice that your looking forward to playing on your PC, its nice having the option to do so.

Kamikaze1353280d ago

I know, I just find it really odd that somebody would get offended over that comment, lol.

And thanks! Feels good to finally have the option to play some of the high end PC games I've been wanting to play. I can finally get to try out Crysys and pick up the new Command and Conqure along with Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Starcraft II when they come out =)

we won3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Antan is full of sh&t don't bother with his obsession with these phantom fanboys he keeps talking about over and over again.

No one was offended dude chill out. I just find it strange for someone to pop in a thread and say PC!!!!! in article that has nothing to do with what platform he can play this on.

Do you see these people screaming PC in multi platform articles about games that are on PC, 360 and PS3? didn't think so.

Don't listen to Antan/PirateTom/Saaking/the canadainguy420/grey wulf. He has some sort of personal beef with me, the dude is strange man.

Did you like the Site? LOWL

Antan3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Desperation.....Finest...Its.. ..At...............

Please re-arrange.

Give it up mate, try your tricks out on someone else. Count that as another thread you`ve derailed.

Best Wishes From
Antan/PirateTom/Saaking/the canadainguy420/grey wulf.

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darkequitus3280d ago

I have the 1st one on the 360. It will try for the 4th time to finish it. I got distracted by other game, and lost my way by the time I got back to it, hence starting again. I will do it on the PC this time around though be ME2 arrives

dkblackhawk503280d ago

Distractions can distract you from the most fun things :P

Antan3280d ago

Just like Unchartered 2, i`m not looking at any previews/reviews etc etc....Just going to buy and play on day of release. Really looking forward to it!

Myst3280d ago

That's a good idea and I plan to try that also; but it's so hard when practically every day something about Mass Effect 2 is released.

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