Final Fantasy XIII: Early Impressions - "It's not horrible, but it's definitely disappointing"

Blogcritics' Gabe Carr says: "It's difficult to say where Final Fantasy XIII will ultimately rank in fans' esteem, but it seems unlikely to be anyone's favorite. A little over 25 hours in, I can already say with some certainty that it won't be mine. It's not horrible, but it's definitely disappointing. I was hoping for a next-gen sequel that built on the strengths of its predecessor, but as it is, the new installment seems like a step backward. The combat's flashy but even more hands-off than that of Final Fantasy XII, and outside of the combat - well, so far, there's very little outside of the combat worth speaking of."

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Baba19063273d ago

cant wait for this game. wish i spoke japanese. =D

sack_boi3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Don't listen to all these BS, FF XIII is as good as FF X if not better. Still not FF VII godly, but still very, very good.

Cold 20003273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I have the feeling some people absolutely want FF13 to fail.

And Im sure its the very same people who have been praying it fails ever since it went multiplat.

Its time to get over it. It is a major succes in Japan and it will be the same in the West. And most important of all, it seems to be a quality FF title.

Udidntlistenpunk3273d ago

Damn the graphics look good. Especially considering its an RPG.

And coming from a FINAL FANTASY game, you can pretty much bet that there are tons of sidequests, hidden goodies, item questing and plenty of endgame stuff to do.

Thats what FINAL FANTASY shines the most at.

The summons are definitely disappointing. Odin and Shiva have turned into transformers. Bah.

And the combat system is a given and its not anything different than say Dragon age origins.

The characters are weaksauce though. And the story...not much has been leaked so far but if its better than FF12 than its good.

PirateThom3273d ago

"Whats up with all the FF13 hate articles ?"

It's a big game, it's not meeting expectations.

Marceles3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

"Whats up with all the FF13 hate articles ?"

It's not out for the 360 yet so the SONY IZ TEH DOOOOOOOMMEEEDDDDDDZZZESSSS alarm turns on for reviewers. I'm loving the game so far.

Cold 20003273d ago

Except for the "its linear" argument, there seems to be nothing big wrong with FF13. The graphics are top notch, same for the gameplay and music.

And what makes me believe even more than its pure hate is that FF10 is linear like crazy and is considered as one of the best FF's from the very same people hating on FF13.
And when you actually think about it, since when are JRPGS known for being open world ??

FF12 was an open world JRPG and everyone (of course Im exaggerating) hated it. SE has listened to the gamers and have made FF13 more linear to offer a better story, character evolution, rhythm etc etc.

Read the the Kotaku review thats on the front page and you'll see how the linearity actually serves the game and was a deliberate choice from SE.

ShinGundam3273d ago

@Cold 2000
I heard there is no backward in the game except gran pulse
also it lack variety of side quests and mini games it is like Metal gear
RPG or Uncharted RPG . At least it has awesome boss battles and
SMT a like balance .it isn’t Ambitious FF project on all fronts

bnaked3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

"I have the feeling some people absolutely want FF13 to fail. "

Maybe FF13 is not as good as you hope? You're a fan and don't want to believe all that criticism.. But there are already many bad impressions..

Why the hell should people want FF13 to fail??????

You should believe the early reviews and impressions.. It seems that FF13 will be not that good..

Baka-akaB3273d ago

Didnt think i'd see the day i agree with Cold 2000 , but he's right there have been some crazy bullsh*tting around here .

Some are are now quoting blogs and sites they never even knew about , and would never read otherwise . Less just remember that a few guys dissapointed or not liking it , are just that , some guys , hardly "everybody" , especially compared to the 1.5 japanese crowd currently playing i .

Funny thing is you can , could already see it coming . For years the press wouldnt dare criticize a FF even when it could and should have (seriously FF-X2 ?)

But now that wrpg has gone up massively in popularity , and with the trend to bash jrpgs (i mean more , cause let's face it , they hardly showed a warm face to anything but the biggest franchises of each era like FF) , they can finally dish out .

So yeah i expect a slur of 7/10 8/10 in the future , with some people will intrepret obviously as the game sucking lol .

And dont get it wrong , it's not about the fact that someone could dislike the game , after all even FF dont like each episode obviously .
It's about people coming after the game and nitpicking normal and staples features from it .
Wich again feels as silly and akin to blaming a fps for having a first person view , or street fighter for not being a beam them all .

I and some of us arent dismissing the game could be bad , like implied below . Hell i might end up disliking it like i do with 2 FF so far (FF8 and X-2) , but then it would be because of the gameplay and story ... hardly because it's linear (and with mid/late game extras and side stuff ) as it's always been and should be .

tplarkin73273d ago

They have become like Eidos (a company they just bought). They are complacent and they refuse to innovate. SE will be bought out by an American company in 12 months.

Pozzle3272d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about the hate articles, Cold 2000. The general consensus on Japanese forums and review sites is that it's an excellent game, and only a handful of Western sites have expressely disliked it. (Unfortunately, since most of those sites are in Japanese, we won't hear about the good points.)

I imagine that, once the game is out in English, we'll be hearing alot more of the game's good points.

GameGambits3272d ago

Speaking as someone who has completed the game...impressions of the game should really not be done until having done Chapter 11 at least.(Yeah that's about 40+ hours of play, but the full extent of what this game has to offer isn't realized until the first 10 chapters are over with)

Honestly when you realize what the storyline is you then come to see WHY the first 35-40 hours are without towns to visit and fairly linear as FFX was. All the great makings of previous FF games is NOT lost in 13, but unfortunately they are tucked away deep into the game near the last 15-20 hours of story left.

Limit breaks, chocobo rides, usefulness of summons, insane boss fights of d00m, incredible cut scenes, CG that blows the mind, the incredible music(really wish more of the awesome final 3 chapters music was in the first 10), exploration, grinding, leveling and customizing weapons, crazy plot twists, etc etc is all plunged at you once you reach the 11th chapter.

The one and only major flaw I can say about this game IS like I've said that the "real" game isn't again until chapter 11. That's where it gets the 9/10 score from me.

ThanatosDMC3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

FF7 is not the best FF game. For my bias it's FF8, but in truth the best was FFX.

FF12 was not hated for its openness. But for how the license and grid thing was handled. Mirror Armor and one night's sleep completely gimped the game.

That's actually bad that the core of the game that people would love is 40 hours away. People would be bored to death. Unless something truly grips them with the story.

PirateThom3272d ago

That's all well and good, but NO game should take 40 hours of play to become good, I can understand a build up, but if it's taking that long something has seriously gone wrong with the pacing.

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reintype3273d ago

He imported it. I didn't because I can't read Japanese. According to him its the worse modern FF (read: 3D) after X-2.

So there goes any chance of me buying this one on the release month, since X-2 is the only FF game released on the Playstation platform that I didn't finish. I still might buy it down the road, but only if there are no new good games that came out, and it's heavily discounted already.

We are also not a fan of the new battle system. It's been bastardize and becomes too casual, and more akin to a rhythm game than an rpg one, where instead of watching scrolling indicators you watch the enemy and time your buttons presses in hopes of getting "FEVER" err I mean "BREAK STATE". It's a far cry from the one they showed at E3 2006.

I think Sony should do a next-gen Wild Arms and do the Turn-base JRPGs some justice, because it seems SE dropped the ball on this one.

camachoreloaded88063273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

the whole turn-based system where you selected 'Attack' and Cloud just did a single slash everytime. Hell, I just beat FFX this year and I didn't mind that battle system too much, since I knew that game came out awhile ago.

But to have a next-gen Final Fantasy title retain that exact same battle sytem? Are you kidding me? Lost Odyssey does it that way, keeping it very old school, and while it's cool for awhile, it eventually starts to get repetitive. That was one of the more prominent criticisms of the game. If Lost Odyssey was made 10 years ago, it wouldn't have been a problem for many, but the fact that it was an issue for a lot of critics/gamers is a sign of the times. As the years pass, certain gameplay mechanics are expected to evolve and progress.

I will not lie though, I'm a bit disappointed that Lightning's attack combos are always the same 2-3 slashes with the sword, and then the somersault backwards while shooting the gun. The battle system they're using is fine with me, since it still remains timed, but everything looks better and more fast paced. I would have loved to see the characters have a lot more combat animations. The whole slash-slash-shoot combo will get dull if it looks the same every single time!

In the end, I'll admit I'm concerned with the linearity. BUT, people are saying it's comparable to FFX in that respect, and since I was able to go through that game this year and thoroughly enjoy it, I think I will enjoy FFXIII. Most people seem to hate FF12, but regardless, each and every single FF title with a roman numeral(I'll say since VII, since I don't know what critics thought of the ones before that) has had overall praise from both critics and the masses. I do hope FFXIII is no exception. It's been in development for such a long time and I'm sure it would be very damaging to the production team's morale if the game doesn't click with gamers and receives mostly negative reception.

GrandDragon3273d ago

What hate are you getting?

For the most apart the hate and doom articles have riddles this game from the fate of its conception, and yet after playing the game my self I wonder on what they were expecting!

From the gameplay mechanics to the story development this game is phenomenal. The Game does limit your direction for most part of the story BUT I think the developers did this deliberately so you can get a gist of the main story plot at the beginning and later on enjoy having full control of your party members.


Check these videos out, This game is DEFINITELY open world

Your friend like others have not reached this stage I presume. Too butt hurt over the Multiplat announced I feel

Counter_ACT3273d ago

I like it. The battle system is fast paced and a nice change, it's as close as they could get to fast fighting without it turning into Devil May Cry.

As for your comments about the game being "linear"... isn't every Final Fantasy like this? I don't think you get many sidequests half way through the game D: I find it hard to believe the author has finished this either, as Gran Pulse is massive and open.

Oh, just read the last line and no he hasnt. So... how can he say things like "The story progression is just as linear as the ground you walk on.... boss fight, then it’s off to the next chapter ... usually there's at least some chance for exploration or side quests. XIII has nothing whatsoever"

Finish the game before you use terms like "nothing whatsoever". Idiot.

Aleusia3273d ago

The haters and doomsayers can just....piss off, but we all know that Versus will be the true final fantasy of this generation.

Doc Sony3273d ago

When reading this I cannot help but think that monkeys made this game. What was so HORRIBLY wrong with the way the old Final Fantasy games worked.

Why did they screw this up so badly. AI controlled teammates, gimme a break.

sack_boi3273d ago

Maybe you should play the game before passing judgment... nah who am I kidding here, you've already made up your mind.

Doc Sony3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

No need, I could tell I was gonna love Uncharted 2 just by watching previews and hearing people talk about it. and guess what, it turned out to be the best game I've ever played.

Think about it before you blindly downplay OTHER peoples opinions and critiques about a game, especially when a LOT of other people draw the same conclusions.

This was the gameplay I was anticipating.

Its not much but there is some footage of what the gameplay should have been like this gen.

NOTHING I've seen in previews is reminiscent of this.

Nothing will ever top FF9 IMO, maybe Versus.

thor3273d ago

I see where you're coming from. If I read up as much as I can about a game, and watch videos of it being played, I can already tell whether I'm going to enjoy it or not. It's not quite the same as actually playing it, but you can still tell whether or not it's going to be fun.

Doc Sony3273d ago

Exactly, some people here feel they need to defend this game to death. I was a HUGE fan about a year ago my most anticipated game was this.

First Impressions are too important in this business.

If I go to a job interview looking like a slob no PHD in the world is gonna make the company boss change the way he thinks of me.

If in my first impression of a game I see a lot of stuff I simply do not like the look of, its unlikely to change after I actually play the thing, at least thats never happened to me.

GrandDragon3273d ago

Oh sorry you mean like this?

Clearly the guys who made this game were monkeys correct? What were they thinking making this game so open?! What were thy thinking making animals interact with each other?! What were they thinking making Mark hunting side quests?! What were they thinking when making the enemies so far away that you have to walk 9 mins to reach there!!

GrandDragon3273d ago

*** SPOILER***

Oh and you wanted gameplay that resembled the E3 trailer? Well how about this mega boss battle!!!

The video was edited half way because the boss takes hours to kill. You can see the level of detail and on screen *epicness * :D

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