Kid goes crazy after getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas

Check out the video inside of a kid going crazy after recieving an Xbox 360 from Santa.

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Pandamobile3273d ago

Fine example of why I stay away from console gaming right here.

villevalorox3273d ago

add another weird smart mouth kid to Xbl ahha. bahah u guys see how he raped that poor box? hahahah wow, kid's are so funny/annoying

-Alpha3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I'm sure you were excited when opening up your NES or N64.

Maybe not AS excited, but he clearly wanted a 360.

Good for the kid I say, though no one can touch the original N64 Christmas Kid. Everything else since that has been an attempt to copy his fame.

As for staying away from console gaming, your loss. Console gaming is great, but enjoy your PC/handhelds I guess.

Anyways, for my Christmas I got Demon's Souls (though I opened it for my bday a few days ago) and FOR Christmas I beat that damn Tower Knight boss. What a satisfying Xmas it's been :)

The real presents will start on boxing day when I rake the stores of good gaming deals.

Edit @ Kavetti: Exactly my point. The imagination and excitement that comes from a kid is a bliss I miss, and something that can never be replicated. Excellently put my friend!

kaveti66163273d ago

Nothing wrong with enjoying life. You'll never get that youthful feeling back. The excitement a child gets from gifts is so hard to replicate later in life. I remember getting a playstation for my birthday when I was 9 years old. I danced with it I was so happy.

we won3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Agreed lets not forget we were kids too. Although some may have convinced themselves the 360 isn't worthy of respect on this site but most people are NORMAL(although that kid ????). LOL

Government Cheese3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

wtf, at 31 seconds he mounts up to it like hes gonna have sex with it doggy style...... and at 47 seconds he actually humps it..... this kids got problems..

GUNS N SWORDS3273d ago

im happy for the kid.

though i don't think this has anything to do with news.

Skip_Bayless3273d ago

LMAO, half of you here are probable under 18. Stop saying the word "kid" like you're an adult.

Cueil3273d ago

this is probably the best reaction you can get out of a child... most of you are not parents and so you can't understand how happy this probably made his mom and dad... to show that kind of happiness justifies the presents cost even for those who had to struggle to get the money to buy it... and I don't think I was much diffrent when I got my NES in 87... though maybe I didn't hump my nes... well not where people could see -_o

Redlogic3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

i bet that kid will scream like that when he gets his first RROD, maybe even worse! i'd pay to watch his reaction. this kid reminds me of chunk from the Goonies

edit: damn i didn't see the posters below me

dkblackhawk503273d ago

One of us lol, he certainly looks happy. He reminded me of the angry German kid when he screamed xD

facelike3273d ago

It's good that the kid is excited and all but he really needs to take some "Call the F_ Down pills."

Guido3273d ago

The face of Xbox live.

4Sh0w3273d ago

One of the presents I got my daughter was a DSi, she's only 7 yrs old and it was truly special watching her face light up was a very special moment, I told her as long as she continues to do well in school, Santa will be more than happy to get her cool toys every year.

Chubear3273d ago

That's exactly like that Nintendo kid one from back in the day... only thing is, the Nintendo one made you laugh instead of thinking "holy cow, this guy's going to be online"

4Sh0w3273d ago

PC gaming is probably more "grown up" but not by much.

Truth is although their are alot of spoiled little punk kids online by and large margin the adults on both xbl and psn are far worst. I'm a pretty laid back guy and more often than not its the ones who claim to be adults that are the ones who cause much of the problems. I mean really its usually some kid(judging by his voice) is just having fun, he says "hell yeah I pwned u" after a kill and some sensitive "adult" responds with a birage of profanity at the kid, sure then the kid reponds with the same or worst type language but who's the kid and who's the adult?

This site is so screwed up, it was a funny vid, really doesnt matter which console it was, it should of reminded you about what gaming is suppose to be about, I wish I could have that same feeling back like when I got my NES. If seeing this vid only caused you to say something negative, then you're just a sad fanboy.

Anon19743273d ago

Although I wasn't quite at this level, and I bought it myself anyway so it wasn't like it was a surprise, I remember the excitement and butterflies of getting my first 360. It kicked off the "next gen" of gaming, actually made use of that big HD projector I had bought and just signaled a new era of gaming.

As a long time gamer, you can't not get excited about anything that moves gaming forward.

Consoldtobots3273d ago

good for him I hope he gets alot of enjoyment out of it.

specialguest3273d ago

I was hoping that dog did something funny to steal the scene.

SilentNegotiator3273d ago

Another common LIVE user joins the party.

BattleAxe3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Glad I own a PS3 ;)

elpresador3273d ago

....and just like that kid (who is now 20 something) a show will be aroud to ridicule him like TOSH.0 did with the N64 kid.

ico923273d ago

that was me when i got my n64

Shepherd 2143272d ago

Lol at John Madden trying to make himself feel better.

Jaces3272d ago

It's good to know he'll be on XBL soon enough to give us an ear full.

Sub4Dis3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

that's right...the face of xbl. a kid who's very happy to have a fun system and knows he's going to play it for hours at a time and be thrilled. the face of psn...all you negative guys who don't have many great games and can't seem to enjoy the ones you do have so you have to troll every article related to 360 just to criticize other gamers.

yeah the kid is over the top...but at least he's happy, which is more than i can say for the majority of you bitter @ssholes.

IdleLeeSiuLung3272d ago

... and all they can say is things to fuel their fanboy console wars.

The kid is ecstatic to get a console. I would be too, if I could get something like that as a kid. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford it so I was just lucky to get anything at all!!!

FACTUAL evidence3272d ago

he's gunna really be screaming like that when he finds out that's not the console to play god of war 3 lmao!

Traveler3272d ago

I love God of War, but not everybody cares about that game. Everybody likes different games.

Wrathman3272d ago

god forbid a child play a games console!!seriously you people get a life.

i bet he has already clock up more game hours than ps3 owners this year.

you guys sum up all that is wrong with mid 20's gamers.

ThanatosDMC3272d ago

HAHAHA! That was great. My little cousin freaked out too when i got him a PSP Go. But he dropped it on the kitchen floor tiles a few hours later... yeah... he's 6.

RockmanII73272d ago

I don't think he is old enough to play God of War 3. It may just be me, but my parents were very strict about which games I could play for most of my childhood (I got my first rated M game when I was 15 and even that was only Halo). Maybe that's not the case for him though because most good 360 games are M.

Kevin ButIer3272d ago

Is that you Bungie?

Just asking XD

Lifendz3272d ago

Brought a smile to my face. And the Dog barking amidst all of that was so teh winz.

lightningsax3272d ago

Oh man. The best part is when the dog reacts - he/she decided either to complain about the noise or interpret the howling as dog-speak.

You know, I didn't react like that physically when I got my PS1 as a kiddie, but my brain was pretty much on that level. I was so psyched to see Battle Arena Toshinden playing on my family's *huge* 32-inch screen, whether the controls actually worked or not. Marathon gaming sessions of King's Field, Cybersled, and Krazy Ivan ensued, for better or worse!

3272d ago
gintoki7773272d ago

yay another headache on xbox live =)

Consoldtobots3272d ago

now after watching the vid I think this is the kid who dubbed the witch rampage in the left 4 dead series. Jesus he got some lungs on

JoySticksFTW3272d ago

Good for that kid though. I was like that when I got my Atari 2600, and later full Voltron Lions set

memories... :)

sealion883272d ago

and you wonder why xbox gets a lot of hardware failure.

zeeshan3272d ago

Lol, he is soo happy!! Now imagine what'll happen to the poor guy if ironically his Xbox dies on him!

GameGambits3272d ago

I expect to see this same kid back in a few months freaking out over his first RROD. :)

Major_Tom3267d ago

Lol, he's just a kid, like the majority of Xbox Live.

SinnedNogara3267d ago

Remember this. Same thing really.

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madmonkey03273d ago

FIXED: damn, i hope they film him WHEN he gets RROD that would be hilarious

gamingisnotacrime3273d ago

Do you consider yourself a gamer or a fanboy, because there is nothing funny in seeing others go through the ordeal of dealing with defective consoles. The hate in this site is off the charts, absurd.

madmonkey03273d ago

i think it was just a joke, my comment certainly was, wouldnt wish a console failure on anybody,

Mr Marbles3273d ago Show
Ausbo3273d ago

i couldn't have said it any better.

If the ps3 fans on this site are a representation of what is on psn, then i don't want a ps3.

I would rather have a small kid screaming than a grown man trying to justify why the ps3 is better than the 360. They may not be kids, but they sure act like it.

Karum3273d ago

Any of you that would even consider some of the morons on this site to be the faces of either PSN or Xbox LIVE, or representative of the masses on either network are clearly deluded.

In fact such an assumption almost puts you in the same moronic bracket.

Ausbo3273d ago

the fact is, these kids aren't really a good representation either. You may hear more on xbox live, but thats because every xbox comes with a mic. On Psn, you may go into a game with not one person having a mic.

The small kids on xbox really is an exagerated aspect by delusional playstation fans trying to bash xbox live.

I have nothing against the ps3. I think its great, but the playstation fanboys are far larger in number and passion than the 360 fanboys

mastiffchild3273d ago

No. no they're not. Were you not here 18months back when there was repeated "Sony PS3 is teh Doomed!" articles approved every other story full of deluded and gloating 360 fAnboys? All the "PS3 owners don't buy any games" stories? "It's just a BR player" stories?

I'm certain there are more PS3 zealots here atm but it wasn't always the case at all and to think there's any difference between either set of fanboys is just wrong, imo, as a fanboy ios a fanboy is a fanboy. they're all in thrall to a corporation(Japanese or US based makes no difference)that only wants their money at the end, the start and the middle of the day. to try and pick a difference between them allies you with one side or the other when they're equally annoying whatever colour their sponsored jimmies might be.

Seriously, there's no difference and this is a rarity in that N4G is one of the very few sites(western sites anyway) where the PSfanboy is more numerous than his 360 counterpart.

OT, we just bought our two boys(who share a room, sadly)a slim and a new HDTV for their room sop they can both game even when there's a conflict of who's on next etc-and it also means I might get on the 360,fat and the Wii downstairs when I want now and then! Anyway, though they weren't quite as OTT as this kid(seriously that's not a normal level of reaction even for a kkid and reminds me of how my severely ADHD afflicted teenage daughter gets when she's got something she wanted!)but, it's true, when they act so pleased and excited it makes all the saving and skimping worthwhile. We shouldn't mock as the kids happy and his mom and pops will be too. Merry Xmas.

However, I really wish we wouldn't fall into the trap of trying to pick a worst offender from the various sets of fanboys-yes, we all have a favourite console(I prefer the exclusive set on the PS3 as well as the DS3 over the 360 pad for instance)but shouldn't get wound up when fanboys of another console/platform(as some PC fanboys are just as childish)knock our chosen platform even if it feels worse at those moments-as in truth it's all the same bloody thing and is way best ignored and not evaluated.

jimbone3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Yes they are. I was not here 18 months ago so I can't commit on that, but I have been here the last 9 months and it is exactly like he said. The PS3 fanboys commit 20 to 1 more than their counterparts. I still can't stand the 5-year-old excuse "They did it First", I don't except that from my 7 year old son, and I think it makes a weak argument here. I would say the same thing about 360 fanboy's. You just can't say the PS3 crowd is not like that, it is every thread every day.
I agree with you mostly though and a annoying fanboy, is an annoying fanboy, but really I don't feel the need to bash 360 every chance I get (one because I like it and 2 I wouldn't want to anyway) no matter what ANYONE writes, have written, or says. I think they are all jokes, not in life but you have to admit it a little sad when people feel the need to fight tooth and nail for a BRAND NAME they don't make money off.
Anyway I do agree with you for the most part, You just can't say they are not like that NOW.

Traveler3272d ago

@ Ausbo

I agree with you. I think that aspect has been overexaggerated to an extreme degree. I game on PSN and LIVE about equally and I honestly don't see any real difference in the behavior of the people that play on each service.

Play Uncharted 2 online, like I do all the time, and you will see that there are a lot of people just talking crap. Mostly adults spewing childish insults. The same as you get on certain 360 games.

When I think about it there seems to be more difference from game to game than there is from service to service. The really competitive games bring out more trash talkers.

Wrathman3272d ago

it could be worse.he could have a ps3 and get blu-ray drive failure a year and day after.then have to fork out more than that arcade xbox cost to repair it.At least he has 3 years to get RROD and get it repaired for FREE.

heroprotagonist3272d ago



I would rather have a console that is guaranteed for 3 years that now has a low failure rate, than a console that I would have to fork out big bucks to get fixed after a year if it has Blu-ray laser go out or gets the YLOD.

baum3272d ago

Who in their right mind would buy a 360 after all the reports of its defects? If they get RROD, they deserve it. In fact, I didn't feel sad when I got RROD 4 times, I already expected. (No, I didn't buy the 360, it was a gift from a clueless non-gamer, I was very thankful because of his/her intent even if it was a 360; with my money I've bought PS3, Wii and gaming PC, no need for a(nother) 360)

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we won3273d ago

LOL But lets not dig up XMAS videos to post as news.

Microsoft Xbox 3603273d ago

This kid totally reflects the entire XBL userbase.

RedDragan3273d ago

when he gets RRoD!!

Now that will be worth watching!

nefertis3273d ago

lol, yeah I dont get how this is news I will never pick up a 3fixme I rather jump off a bridge.Play3beyond.

Ausbo3273d ago

you reflecting the ps3 community or this kid reflecting the 360 community.

i think that grown men arguing about what system is better is way worse than that.

xcox3273d ago

i understand now why XBL is better:

it's full of fresh unsuspecting noobs

Anorexorcist3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

That kid better be careful; if he don't call the Xbox 360 back the next morning and invite it for lunch, it'll red ring on him faster than he can say "We're just friends"!


Crazyglues3273d ago

I think it's nice to see a kid so excited about his Christmas present, because I remember when I was a kid and I was just as happy for my first Nintendo...

aww... to be a kid again, those where some of the best times ever...

Great Video, brought back some really good memories...

Shepherd 2143272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Well, if we are going to play stereotypes, then PS3 has no social user-base that actually communicates. And when they try, its a sh!tty blue-tooth headset that is barely understandable.

Nice try though.

AngryTypingGuy3272d ago

Yeah, and this idiot reflects the entire PS3 fanbase. Watch and enjoy.

ajkla923272d ago

Thank God he got a 360!!!!