Gamespot: Gut Reactions - Final Fantasy XIII

The PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII has already been released in Japan (North America has to wait for its version to hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in March). As such, a few of the GameSpot editors dove right into the import and played a little over an hour to get a quick taste of what the latest in the long-running role-playing game series has to offer.

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GameGambits3277d ago

LMAO! Gut reactions to an HOUR of gaming huh? Well hell if we all just played 1 hour of Avatar the game we'd all label it as gaming gold! GOLD I tells you GOLD!

Really though, this guy should at least follow in the lines of the Kotaku guy and spend some REAL time with a game before opening your mouth to speak about it.

My first 10+ hours of FF13 were amazing! Then next 25 hours really REALLY became steadily more snooze fest worthy and repetitive. Then after 35-40hours it becomes amazing again, past the first 10 hours of amazing. Makes my brain almost explode to think about some of the things I had done in the final 3 chapters of the game. xD