VGChartz: Nintendo DS Game of the Year Awards 2009

2009 gave way to some of the biggest software releases yet, some of which will go down in history as the elite of the already illustrious DS software crop. So sit back, relax, and feel free to add your own two cents in the comments box below as VGChartz highlights the best of the best for DS in '09.

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FrankWest3275d ago

I would have put Devil Survivor as best RPG and Chinatown Wars as GotY

Homicide3275d ago

Same here. I would put Devil Survivor as best RPG, but Mario & Luigi: BIS is an amazing RPG so no complaints here. Can't wait for Strange Journey :D

Jamescagney3275d ago

I agree on the Scribblenauts awards, on one hand it was very different and innovative, yet on the other it was a pretty frustrating game that was very flawed. Maybe if they make a sequel they can tighten up a lot of things they did wrong.

Duke_Silver3274d ago

I need to get more DS games this year, I'm behind