Mass Effect on PS3 spotted on GameTrailers.

BossLevel writes: I was on GameTrailers and came across a photo of Mass Effect with a PlayStation 3 logo on it. Does this mean something, it would be rather odd to say this is a mistake because the photo would have to have been edited. Seems fishy to me. Picture after the link.

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PirateThom2981d ago

Looks like an editted version of the 360 box, probably an error in the picture selection more than anything, especially when the other games are 2009.

tocrazed4you2981d ago

Before anyone debunks this and say it was a mistake. How in the world would gametrailers just use a logobox off the internet with ps3 on it and put it on the picture unless they already have ONE!!!

ThaOutKast2981d ago

My point. I'm sure someone at GT wouldn't take the time to edit the photo simply to mess with people but who knows.

PirateThom2981d ago

They probably did have one, but it's also probably just been something that someone saved in the wrong folder and never checked.

I mean, it's not like it's hard to fake

Plus, it's the old PS3 box art.

dkblackhawk502981d ago

That is a very good point. "Most" of the upcoming games use the new box cover.

Tetsuryu2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I'm leaning towards mistake. The image originated from the GameSpot forums as an April Fool's joke.

YoungKiller252981d ago

if you look at the top right corner you can see the ntsc logo which means its a dvd not blu-ray like that halo3 cover you link to

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Uncle Rico2981d ago

@blog writer - They will always know something before you all know. -.-

Uncle Rico2981d ago

Put a better title lol. Might get some quick approvals

Uncle Rico2981d ago

not to be annoying but remove the dot from the end of the title, against n4g rules

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Dimitri3602981d ago

Or perhaps, PS3 fan made :-P

PirateThom2981d ago

Yeah, it is on there... but it still looks like someone stuck a PS3 strip on the side and covered the Microsoft Game Studios logo with a Sony Online Entertainment logo.

whothedog2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

haha I think one day we will see this and SC:C on PS3, although I thought that about L4D and was wrong so, I will just wait and see.

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