Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Christmas Present

E4G: To celebrate Christmas, DICE decided to give us a nice little gift.

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dkblackhawk502890d ago

Sweet, time to game BFBC2 all day :D

darkequitus2890d ago

Too bad I missed the beta :/ I seem to bum out on all the PS3 betas, except LBP

dkblackhawk502890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

That sucks big time. If you need any beta codes, just PM me. We have quite a few left over from previous betas that were extras.
EDIT: I should state that we don't have the extra keys for every beta.

ikkeweer2890d ago

I am curious as hell about that game

dkblackhawk502890d ago

Sadly no. We only received 5 keys. Sorry

ikkeweer2890d ago

But if you have a code for a good family-game, please inform me.
I think my cousin is a game-junkie, would love to let him try a beta.
Eye-pet wasn't received to well, never read a kids judgement on it though. it's a blast with a few kids playing it.

Noctis Aftermath2889d ago

Only for today? should be until new years.

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rajman2890d ago

"Long as possible"

I was told from GAME (UK retailer) that the beta ends Jan 4 2010

irepbtown2889d ago

:O and on Jan 4 MAG beta 5 will be on playstation store.
And won't there be a beta worldwide for Bad company 2 some time in Jan, just wondering.

I missed the beta, and i don't plan on chasing anymore codes.

CrippleH2890d ago

What I thought it suppose to end last week? As stated in the blog.

AstroZombie12890d ago

The beta was said to end on the 21st on the BF Blog but has been running since then, hell i played on Christmas eve.

dkblackhawk502889d ago

Today will probably be the last day then :(

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