Is this a Natal-powered game of Geometry Wars?

Destructoid writes:

"Reader Raffi sent us this video he shot from a holiday party where a developer for Natal was playing Geometry Wars with just hand gestures. We can't say for sure if this is really a Natal powered game of Geometry Wars until Microsoft says it is, but it's no secret that Natal developers are experimenting to incorporate Natal controls into a wide assortment of games."

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SlipperyMooseCakes2466d ago

It looks sweet and all, but I don't think I would want to be flailing my hands/arms around for that long. I hope we get to see Natal used in actual games soon and not just arcade and mini games that we have seen thus far. Great potential though.

we won2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

That's funny, I use to say the same thing about Wii and how funny it looked when people played it. I guess I can't make fun of people because it looks funny, because the casual trend suggest Motion is the hottest thing in gaming. Sure it looks funny but that doesn't stop, what? 60 million people(Wii owners) from using this tech in one form or the other.

Did you know millions of people think it looks stupid sitting in front of a TV mashing buttons? You know the same people that end up buying the Wii.

The tech is hot and it's nice to see this game using it in this tease. This will be far the biggest thing in gamer, EVER!

kaveti66162466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Oh yeah. He seemed to be exerting a tremendous amount of energy, flailing about like that. / sarcasm. Guy was barely moving.

Not that I care. I just realized that the major arguments against Natal are

1) I don't want to look stupid playing video games.

2) I don't want to come home from a hard day's work (banging rocks against other rocks) to have to stand up. I just want to relax with a beer in my hand and play games with a controller.

Sorry, but if this is how people rationalize their negativity toward motion controls, then I don't want to know them. If you're too tired to stand up, then you're too old to be playing video games, unless you're in a wheelchair or have lost the function of your legs, in which case you are exempted from this argument.

Rumor2466d ago

i REALLY dont see the mechanics behind this.(not natal, the gameplay) it doesnt look right to me :/

but again, thats just me. being a ps3 only owner, im pretty impressed with Natal :)

Simon_Brezhnev2466d ago

kav u have anger issues lol

JokesOnYou2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Looks cool, I imagine there are some even bigger things being done with Natal that micro isn't going to talk about until E3.

kaveti yeah the "flailing about" comments are waaay overdone, all I saw were rapid hand gestures, I imagine exercise games like Ricochett will be pretty tiresome but this looked pretty easy and could be easily played sitting on the couch, damm I just wish Natal would have been out earlier so we could see it implemented in a game like ME2 for menu screens and voice commands, thats the kind of stuff I think we'll see in early hardcore Natal games.


SCThor2465d ago

Super Stardust HD is a game that looks like Geometry Wars, and it's hard as hell with a controller. Can't imaging it playing it with the Eye Toy, Wands, Natal o any device alike.

Back to the video, looks laggy as hell.

Bigpappy2465d ago

Wow! Just put the pre-orders out now so I would know I can get 1 of these things asap. This is a very fast game, and that guy is in complete control of the ship. Lag on a game like this would be torture. Here is hoping this is real footage.

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PotNoodle2466d ago

I'd buy Natal just for that, Geometry wars is one of my favourite arcade games on the 360.

The Kingslayer2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

You do know that they did this on purpose right? This is a present from Microsoft to say we are going to be impressed. Natal is real. Are you paying attention? Eye toy my freaking a$&. If you believe Natal will only be for casual gamers, then that delusion is going to be shattered. You are not slick Microsoft knowing full well a video like this would go viral. lol...You all are not right... They are going to tease us all the way until E3 with this kind of crap...Damn 2010 is going to be interesting.

Be a gamer...Not a hater

El_Colombiano2466d ago

"Be a gamer...Not a hater"

Irony? Or Hypocrite?

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kneon2465d ago

Please propose a viable control solution for an FPS or TPS type game. It's just not a good fit for such games. And that's assuming perfect accuracy and no lag. It's just not well suited for some types of games. The vast majority of games that will be using Natal will be casual games because that's where it works best. Trying to use natal for the dozen or so different buttons used in most hardcore games is going to be problematic. Moving around in an FPS or TPS is going to be a real problem, as it will be for Sony if they don't add an analog stick like on the Wii nunchuck.

Cueil2465d ago

@kneon hmm... leaning... or how about simple foot movements... and that's not even taking into consideration that it could use Natal + Controller setup

kneon2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Sure leaning works for basic movement, and BTW that's the best answer I've yet heard. But it doesn't seem viable for any game requiring precision, which is probably most hard core games. Lean a little left, turn slowly left, lean a lot right, turn fast to the right. Lean a lot and your precision and reproducibility is going to be poor as you are off balance. On the other hand, assuming Natal is capable enough, you can require only very minor movements but then you are sacrificing resolution, again compromising precision. It's going to be tough to find a workable balance and I'm not yet convinced it can be found.

This doesn't even take into account that while doing this you may also be trying to do something else like aiming to fire a gun or throw a grenade, again compromising precision since the other actions will have an impact on your lean induced steering.

As for controller+Natal, that can work but goes against the major marketing point of Natal and would likely leave Natal used for gimicky things such as is often done with the sixaxis control on the PS3. Sure I can use sixaxis to turn a knob but is it really adding anything to the game? to me it doesn't. One of the few good uses I've seen for the sixaxis control was for the sniper aiming in Killzone 2, and even with that a lot of people hate it, though I happen to like it. Natal or the new Sony Motion control could provide for an even more accurate and responsive aiming mechanism, but I still see movement as the major issue. The second major problem is unique to Natal due it's lack of buttons and that is how to provide for all the actions that are currently handled by the dozen or so buttons on a physical controller.

I think Natal can likely be used very effectively for many games, I just have a lot of doubts about its suitability for most hard core games.

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wwm0nkey2466d ago

Now more of a reason to buy Natal.

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