Rome, Madrid in New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer

Two new tracks, a plane, and a helicopter are shown off in Christmas-day GT5 trailer.

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Kain813071d ago

i cant wait for the Full game

anti-gamer3071d ago

OMG 1.25 their is plain on the tracks

ShinRyuHadoken3071d ago

Wow Its looks really really good.

I want it now!

thereapersson3071d ago

This trailer is awesome. I just laugh straight in the face of all the haters who thought that the over-compressed Time Trial would be representative of the finished game.

side note:

This trailer is so awesome, it broke the audio of the video... lol

gaffyh3071d ago

Damn this game keeps getting better and better. SuperGT now aswell! Sony really know how to make a quality game, and Polyphony Digital are wizards.

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saint_john_paul_ii3071d ago

Did that Trailer just Confirmed THe Super GT Race Events, right along side with the already confirmed NASCAR AND WRC events?

Redempteur3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

That trailer just confirmed my purchase of the game when it's out ...

EDIT : the disagree fairy just passed..
i guess i can't say that's i'm going to purchase a game in peace.

i'll buy it with a steering wheel !! Happy , now ???

Perkel3071d ago

they realy are going to deliver truly next generation racing game...

wrc, supergt, nascar... what next ?? dtm ? f1 ?

PirateThom3071d ago

Probably not F1 (bar cars), because Sony had to give up the F1 license because it was too expensive to keep.

Which is a shame, if only because F1 would have made Gran Turismo 5 one of the most completely racers in terms of licenses.

Rock Bottom3071d ago

GT never used sony's F1 license, they have always used fictional f1 cars, except for the ferrari f1 in GT5p, there can be f1 races in gt5, except; like every other gt game which had them, they wont be licensed.

Knightrid8083071d ago

I wonder how many more surprises there will be. 3 more months until we see but they feel like agony already.

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chidori6663071d ago

this game is gonna goty of 2010.

TOO PAWNED3071d ago

Way too early to say something like that. I think GOd of war 3 and Heavy Rain might have thing or two to say to that. Besides who knows what will get announced at E3 and released by end of the year...

Gago3071d ago

just keeps getting better

kratos1233071d ago

hmmm this looks soo good dec 24 cant come soon enough

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The story is too old to be commented.