Musical masterpieces: The best video game soundtracks you've never heard

SuperiorAttack writes: "Ask a gamer what makes a great game, and the first answer you'll most likely get will almost undoubtedly be either graphics or gameplay. But one very important and oft overlooked part of what makes a game great is the soundtrack. The music in a video game can touch us, make us scared, make us feel closer to a character, and make us feel like we're part of the game's world. A good score is just as important a part of game design as graphics, story, or gameplay. Sadly, some soundtracks end up overlooked by all but the most hardcore of fans. Sure, we all know and love stuff like Final Fantasy and Silent Hill's music, but what about some of the more overlooked arrangements that, for various reasons, go unnoticed? Well, that's what this article's about. Soundtracks that, be it due to bad game marketing, being from a relatively unknown game, or just not being heard by enough people, never got the recognition they truly deserve. So read on for five soundtracks that should not be missed by any aficionado of video game music."

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