Gaming's Worst Xmas Guests

Gideon Heap of TheGameReviews writes: "Yes, Christmas is a time for family, friends, and festive cheer. Also, thanks to the tradition of exchanging gifts, it's a time for playing excessive amounts of brand new video games. With relatives often round to share in the fun - and just about everything else in the house - Xmas also becomes the season for huge family arguments. Little Sisters and Big Daddies don't always get along like they do in the games and no doubt you'll be fighting over use of the TV all night. Sure, an overcrowded home brimming with drinks and disputes is one thing, but imagine if the Little Sisters, Big Daddies and other video game characters could take form for some festive dinner. You think your family is bad on Christmas Day? Next time you're staring down the cross-hairs on your screen, just suppose your guest list was made up of the following: seven of gaming's very worst Xmas guests."

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gidzilla3216d ago

Come to think of it, anyone from Dragon Age would be pretty annoying.

cain1413216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Morigan disagreed with me no matter what I did haha. So yeah I'm not a fan of her...

cain1413216d ago

Oh God, Navi is one of the worst by far...

shoinan3216d ago

Fork to the head. One very dead fairy.

3216d ago
BetaChris3216d ago

Who is worse - Navi or Tingle?

cain1413216d ago

Tingle is just a little out there. Navi is a pain in the rear lol...

BetaChris3216d ago

Yeah, Tingle is, err, a fairy of a different sort ;)

3216d ago
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