Current-gen games to get cheaper, Capcom reckons

TVGB: "In a recent investor Q&A session, Capcom said they expect the software for current-gen consoles to get cheaper over time. "We believe that further declines in prices of consoles will cause a slow decline in prices of software as well," a Capcom rep said when asked about their outlook for current gen machines."

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ZombieAutopsy2853d ago

doubt it but i sure as hell hope they do.

Elven62853d ago

It's easy for Capcom to say because the $10 or so they take off at retail they make back by selling you DLC unlock codes.

SFIV unlock code packs on the GFWL marketplace for instance have been a top seller alongside the Fallout 3 packs. =/

thereapersson2853d ago

Remember when 49.99 was the most you'd see a game retail for? Those were the days....

Automat2853d ago

Remember when games cost $60 back in the 80s ? Probably not, but they did. That only shows how cheap they have actually gotten.

Blaze9292852d ago

That'd be nice. I remember the good ol' days when first party titles were always $10 cheaper than thrid party games.

Fishy Fingers2852d ago

I (my parents) paid £75 (thats $100+) for Street Fighter 2 Turbo. You really cant complain about current prices.

baum2852d ago

I remember when PS1 games were about 59.99 and N64 games were about 79.99. I also remember seeing Killer instinct and Mortal Kombat 3 retail for 79.99, if not 84.99 USD in Toys "R" Us.

IdleLeeSiuLung2852d ago

After being burned for buying SF2 HD Remix at full price, I got MvC2 for a mere $7 (560 pts) or so on Xbox Live the other day!

Then again, this troubles me:

"Consequently, we would not decide to postpone the launch of a title for reasons that involve only the game development side of our business.”"

I'm confused, are they saying they would not delay a game even if it needs more development time?

ThanatosDMC2852d ago

Yeah, so true. They'll sell the multiplayer for $20, a part of the story campaign for an extra $10, and so on.

sikbeta2852d ago

This is going to happen, this gen is pretty young and Devs are "starting" to establish on it, by this I'm saying they will squeeze money the more they can and after that games will get cheaper

hatchimatchi2852d ago

Games were expensive as hell back in the day, turok for the n64 (among other games) cost $80-100 and some snes games were really expensive too. It all depended on where you went. I remember seeing NES games for $50 at some shops. Even games at BestBuy were expensive as hell for the n64. It'd be nice for games to go back to $50 but with production costs being so high these days, it doesn't bother me having to pay $10 more for a quality title.

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dangert122853d ago

microsoft wont allow it this dvd nw contains natal tech lol ;)

CrippleH2853d ago

I hope so. I wouldn't mind all 1st party games being 50 dollars.

redsquad2853d ago

I doubt it. Companies can't wait to pass on price hikes to consumers, but rarely pass on the cuts. But please, prove me wrong...

wiggles2852d ago

This is probably just a PR story to make them look good...Remember about 2 months ago when The Devs of Modern Warfare 2 wish they could have charged more then $59 for the game? So this obviously makes Capcom look like the good guy...not to mention they will nickle and dime with DLC like they did with RE5

BWS19822852d ago

that was Bobby Kotick, the industry D-bag. IW have nothing to do with the pricing of it.

If Kotick has his way, Capcom's wishes would go down the drain, however genuine they are.

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