Final Fantasy XIII sells less than Final Fantasy X-2

As the first week of Final Fantasy XIII ends, Total Manga takes a look at the sales of the game and compare them to every major title in the series.


Added consoles sales numbers for Final Fantasy VII in 1997 and Final Fantasy X in 2001.

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Ninji2798d ago

FF13 is the worst in the series. It's also the most linear game in the series (if not the most linear RPG of all time). It feels like a very linear turn-based action game. Even Pac-Man has more freedom.

Shadow Man2798d ago

U manage to write a comment with out trashing or blaming the 360.

You want more freedom? Got play Fallout3 or Oblivion.

DigitalHorror812798d ago

Or are you just going by what you've read in reviews?

Shepherd 2142797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

of course he's only read reviews, you really think the kid bought FF13, put in the more than 50 hours worth of gameplay, then came on here to talk trash about it, fully knowing everything about the game? I think not. It would make more sense for Indiana Jones to survive a nuclear bomb in a refrigerator than to actually think he's basing his opinions off of personal experience. Thats how this site works, in case ya didnt know.

Justin_bristoe2797d ago

dude you re an idiot for saying that.i don't care if square went soft on us and let 360 dumb it down.ff13 is going to be great and be the the first to rival ff 7 and 8. overkill should be hung for this blasphemy!

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Kamikaze1352798d ago

From the reviews I've seen, FFXIII is way too linear for an RPG. I think SE focused way too much on the presentation and forgot to add some focus to the actual gameplay. I'm still getting it though...along with White Knight Chronicles, End of Eternity, and Star Ocean The Last Hope: International....then 3D Dot Game Heroes soon after =D

First half of 2010 = RPG heaven!

Simon_Brezhnev2798d ago

well i want FFvs13 the most and its the 1st mature FF game.

THE MAX SPEED 212798d ago

Less PS3s in Japan than PS2s back @ the time when older FFs came out= LESS SALES since theres Less consoles.

It's not about What you heard on the game you fools.

Kamikaze1352798d ago

Rather than being immature and calling people names on the internet, state some proof to back up your "claim".

Saaking2798d ago

haha, these article trying to put down the FFXIII's huge success on PS3 make me laugh. The attach ratio for the game is IMMENSE (as big as MW2 to 360, maybe even bigger). When FFX-2 released, there were a LOT more PS2s than there are PS3s.

These hate articles are just getting beyond ridiculous. Only fools would say the PS3 is "doomed" at this point in time (when it's CRUSHING the 360 in worldwide sales month after month).

camachoreloaded88062798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

on a few negative sentences, but I've read a few COMPREHENSIVE reviews written by people who have actually gotten through the game, and they say it's great.

All of you haters are judging the overall game's quality based on this single sentence: "It's too linear!"

All you people saying this game is a flop and that it already had that particular mindset beforehand and are just using this article to confirm you preset thoughts. Flop? At 1.5 million copies sold in the first week? Do you know how many PS3 owners there are in Japan?!

I encourage you guys to read full reviews written by people who have beaten the game, not just single sentence remarks like "This game is the worst in the FF series!" or "This game is way too straightforward!"

Godmars2902798d ago

Yeah, it would be nice if these articles used reason, looked at install base and the general time the games were introduced, but then if they had used reason in the first place they'd have no reason to written the articles.

CrazzyMan2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Come on.

FFXIII sold 1 mln. in 24 hours and
1.5 mln. in 4 days of first week.
Why this is a problem???

I think, this is because many haters expected FFXIII to sell below 1 mln. on first day, and around 1.2 mln. first week.
BUT FFXIII sold MUCH better, than haters hoped. Yet, they still trying to downplay FFXIII success. And THIS looks soo stupid now.
FFXIII did respectable numbers. DEAL with that, haters!

FFXIII on PS3 had highest opening week for a home console game this gen in Japan.
FFXIII is best selling home console 3rd party game this gen in Japan.

Sarcasm2798d ago

Is anyone really surprised something positive for the PS3 is getting spun into something bad?

For crying out loud, it's 1.5 million sold out of 4 million. By the end of the month it's going to be 2 million, which is a 2 to 1 ratio.

Baka-akaB2798d ago

THE MAX SPEED 21 immature ? i dont necessarily agree with a lot of his comments ... but in this instant he is kinda right to have a short temper and burst ...

Where the hell is there any small hint or correlation between sales (wich arent even low to begin as the title imply) and something about the game being linear ?

You are just repeating the same crap like a catchphrase , caught on some "articles" from some occidental guys .

Last time i checked bethesda games and other non-linear games arent making any dent in japan . Those that do are basically consoles mmos such as Monster hunter , the rare dungeon crawlers like Demon souls and a few titles like WKC .

Too linear ? they've always been linear , except some form of semi-freedom in a title like FFXII ...

colonel1792798d ago

I hate these "news" stories. They are just trying to downplay the game because is exclusive to the PS3. I haven't played any Final Fantasy game so I don't know if they are any good, but come on! they are writing these POS articles even though they know the PS2 had more fanbase at the time, the games were cheaper, the economy didn't suck as much, and Final Fantasy 13 sells from Media Crate are from FOUR days, not a WEEK...

LAME... I'm waiting to see tons of articles about how the 360 version sold more (hopefully not, since is clearly an inferior version), but if it does, they won't care about the difference in market share, or any other factor for that matter, instead they will bash the PS3 to death... ohh..and if that happens, there will be TONS of articles saying: "Why would Final Fantasy Versus 13 should go Multiplatform", "Ten reasons why FFv13 should go to the 360"

Hate this generation of gaming....scratch that.. this generation of so-called gaming journalism

FamilyGuy2798d ago

There is NOTHING wrong with FF13, NOTHING. So what if you have to follow a specific path up till mid-point of the game, it STILL has tons of exploration and optional things to do just like all its predecessors.

How can anyone call a game that lets you keep playing after beating the final boss linear?

Baka-akaB2798d ago

I actually hope it's "too linear" . The more linear the more plotted out it will be .

I'm tired of people wanting every rpg to be alike wrpg or jrpg ... every fps to be modern warfare (remember the "waaah kz2's controls are not like MW1 fiasco ?) ... every action game to be like god of war .

Variety exist for a great reason , if you dont want linear stuff , find another game .

GameGambits2798d ago

I'm at Chapter 11 in the game. The first 10(40hours) you do not get any side quests, there are NO towns, there are no puzzle dungeons, there are no mini games, there are no choco rides, there are no airship destination picks, no back tracking for giggles to find random things you missed, and no maze dungeons either. It's pure story and very little in difficulty of battles once you have the hang of it.

Once you hit Chapter 11 though? It's like a totally different game. One that deserves the Final Fantasy name sake. However, since most reviewers will play 5-10 hours tops of this before tossing out a score here in the's safe to say this game is doomed score wise.

For all RPG enthusiasts, and FF fans.... just play 40 hours for all the side questing zaniness you have ever wanted. Probably more so than any other FF. It pays out in the long run and DOES cater to those who just want to bum rush through the story AND to those who want to do a ton of extra things to prove their worth and have fun.

Baka-akaB2798d ago

Cool zlatko , it is exactly as expected and what i want from the game .

The side stuff at the side and end game . Since ff7 is the barometer and best ff for me people (myself not included) , just remember that you dont go seek the Arms right at the start ...

evrfighter2798d ago

lol looking at these comments it would be hilarious if 360 ff13 sales destroyed ps3's

hours and hours of entertainment for me

I'll even do my part and buy the ps3 version.

NewNameNow2798d ago


Excellent point, I was going to say the same thing. The current PS3 audience in Japan IS a lot smaller than the PS2 audience at the time of X2's release. So this information can't be looked at straight up.

You would have to put sales:console ratios in to consideration.

orakga2798d ago

Quite a few of you guys are making some horrible misstatements here and misleading the rest, (falsely) asserting that this is somehow an indication of smaller console market penetration.

Here are the facts (and FFS keep in mind these are JAPANESE numbers):

The following are comparisons of each FIRST FF title that was released for each respective PS hardware. The first number is the week 1 sales figure (from the link), and the second figure represents the number of consoles available IN JAPAN during the respective launch week.

FF7 (Jan 1998): 2,025,834 sold from 5mil PS1 users
FF10 (Mar 2001): 1,906,152 sold from 4mil PS2 users
FF13 (Dec 2009): 1,508,558 sold from 4mil PS3 users

Here are some clear conclusions:

1) The PS3 has THE SAME NUMBER OF units in Japan as the PS2 did during FF10's launch (in both cases, 4 million). So, you CANNOT BLAME the low sales on the PS3.

2) FF13 has the lowest attach ratio out of the three (at 37%), so LESS PEOPLE are buying it, period.


Now, I am REALLY disappointed that NOBODY seems to make the connection between the lower sales and the HIGHER PRICEPOINT. This game is $90!!!!

The correct way to read these numbers is:

"One out of Five potential FF13 players chose not to buy it due to the higher price"

Yes, the linear nature and suspect quality of the game itself will EVENTUALLY hurt FF13's lifetime sales (and consequently, the brand value itself), but these are FIRST WEEK SALES that we're talking here. The chances of someone not buying the game the first week due to word-of-mouth is MUCH smaller than six weeks or six months later.

Please think in terms of dollars more. Plz.

k2d2798d ago

A lot of people got burned..

Redempteur2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

hum ?? so what

oh yeah ..sales again .. some of you sure have a lot of time comparing sales each week, month, day ...

Anyway i've finished uncharted 2 four times( very easy , normal , hard , crushing )NOT IN THAT ORDER and i recently started AC2 while grinding in "agarest generation of war" ...

So i'll not be part of this intelligent discution ...
i'm busy playing .

/*goes back into the mod nation beta ...

lordgodalming2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Video games do not have uniform retail prices in Japan like they do in other territories. High profile games in Japan (and FF is one of the very highest) sell at $80-90 USD. That has been true for a very long time and likely is not affecting people's decision to buy it any more than normal. (I won't bother to post any links since this was covered exhaustively when Square first announced the price this fall.)

On topic: If price were actually a factor, the sales numbers would be even more impressive imo.

rakunado2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

34 hrs and finally up to Chapter 11... gaaah... i knew i shouldn't have stuck around and grind at Chapter 9, but yes Chapter 11 is sooo different.

Those Behemoth's are huge, tried to attack one, one stomp obliterated two members in the blink of an eye :S After being directed for so long, i have no idea what to do now!!! :D No more corridors and straight paths... Good times. XD

ReservoirDog3162798d ago

I don't think handhelds have ever been as popular as they are now in Japan and, in that same breath, that makes consoles less popular. So that might be why it suddenly doesn't sell quite as much.

Though nobody can really say anything about its sales. It sold more in Japan than most games sell worldwide. People are just trying to find any fault they can.

sikbeta2798d ago

Just stop, is not gonna change anything, people will buy this game no matter how the previous Games sold

Gamers FTW!!!

wxer2798d ago

the game just got out
give it a break well yah ?

caladbolg7772798d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics says double-hello.

SCThor2797d ago

Your logic fails because 2 main points:

1. Game price
2. Worldwide Economy

In 2001 how much cost a FF game? vs 2009 FF game cost of $90 in Japan. In your logic, 2001 worldwide economy was as bad as 2009's, right?

So FF XIII selling around 2009's 1.5M is like selling 2M or more of 2001'S units. And don't come arguing that 1 unit is the same now than in 2001, is like saying that 1 dollar in 1890 is like 1 dollar in 2009. Think a little to find out why.

CimmerianDrake2797d ago

Bubbles. FFTactics FTW. That game has the most punishing A.I. I've ever seen, and still crushes today's games in that respect. Plus, it's one of the more darker games around, filled with more plot twists, death, and betrayal than I can imagine. I have the original version and the PSP version. Decided not to buy the PSN version since that would be overkill. lol. But damn I love that game. Even though it's perfect the way it is, I kinda want to see how it would play in the combat style of Valkyria Chronicles.