Christmas Sends Modern Warfare 2's Price to the South Pole

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "When Modern Warfare 2 was released nearly two months ago, it smashed almost every sales record in gaming history. With arguably the most popular franchise title around today, as well as a big push through advertisement, Modern Warfare 2 quickly became the king of the holiday season. By now, most people have at least tried out the game. But those who haven't are about to win big this Christmas day.."

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DJ3279d ago

I kind of regret getting the game on launch date now (regardless of the initial problems). This is an amazing deal!

Sev3279d ago

Yeah, that is an incredible deal. I wish they had this deal a week ago, I'd have got a copy for each one of my nephews.

Bnet3433279d ago

I also regret getting this on launch day. But at least when I got MW2 I got $20 Amazon credit so it works out the same anyway.

DJ3279d ago

That's pretty awesome.

evrfighter3279d ago

they need to knock off another 10 bucks for what they did to the pc version.

still not a selling point for me

DarkTower8053278d ago

I've already gotten many hours of enjoyment out of the game.

Sibs3278d ago

Yep, I nabbed it today when I noticed the price. Got a bunch of good games today.

travelguy2k3278d ago

But really they are trying to kill the resale of the game. I mean if a new copy is 20 buck cheaper now that means gamestop and blockbuster are going to give you less for it if you traded it in. So you are probably not going to trade it now. This will force people who want the game to buy a new copy and and Infinityvision makes more money.

Pretty smart is you ask me.

I bout it in the first week, finished the single player mode in 2 days, played a little MP and went back to Demaons Souls, that game has me hooked 105+ hours so far. Just started a new game to create a new player and build him up from the start.

Prototype3278d ago

I still refuse to buy this game; I got to play it over a friends house on his account and after about 45 min of playing it I put in another game.

I know a lot of people will probably disagree but I seriously couldn't get into the game like I did CoD 4; the magic just wasn't there for me.

By the way I do like the mission "No Russian" that's the only thing I liked out of the time I played it.

mfwahwah3278d ago


If this was some kind of scheme, then wouldn't they make this standard instead of just an Amazon deal? Personally, I don't know a single person who has ever bought a video game off of Amazon. I know plenty of people do, but still.

Oh and Gamestop will still be selling it at $60, so if you sell your copy to them, I doubt they'd go by Amazon's pricing...

BWS19823278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Actually, Amazon has major sales in video games, they sell tons of them. You'd be aware of that if you stopped by, but you should also be aware of the ECA, which had a (botched) partnership there to give members 10% off all games that fell apart this fall. But why wouldn't you buy from Amazon even without that? Have you seen their prices over the long term? It's hard to beat them, maybe Newegg, GameRoomDeals or GoGamer can rival them at times, but they're in the upper echelon for game deals. I bought Tekken 6 from them 2 weeks ago for $20, and their deals of the day and quick picks have games sometimes half off. Even without "specials" they often have $60 games for $53 or $57 with free shipping and no tax in most US states, how are B & M stores gonna beat that? Around here, they don't.

The other thing, is that this isn't a standard price drop, this is a temporary sale, and Amazon is doing it to price match Best Buy, who also has it for $40, on top of that, Target is doing it for an even $39, beating it by 99 cents, there is a bit more to this than you're factoring in, just to add. 3 vendors have this game for 33% off for the week after Christmas, and Amazon has huge numbers in video games sales. I'm not sure where you shop, but it's hard to beat Amazon's new prices if you belong to a site like Cheap Ass Gamer, who watches deals like a hawk with members adept at bargain hunting and reporting. Believe me, they know where the best values are at, and Amazon's a huge one.

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cyguration3279d ago

Smaller is better for game prices, but works the opposite for boobs.

Johnny Rotten3279d ago

hmmmm if I had a hand full of either or I'd be happy :)

Sev3279d ago

There is a sweet spot for both. ;)

ZombieNinjaPanda3279d ago

Agree with Sev.

But..let's not get too into this yet...haha

This is why we have the forums :P

The_Nameless_One3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I won't buy this game even if it was sitting in the shovelware bin for 2 dollars.

Teh Cell3278d ago

Good. I wouldn't want to run into your dumb ass online.

unrealgamer583279d ago

truer words have never been written

ian723279d ago

We seem to be lucky in the UK with this game. I got it day 1 for £32, could have got it for £26 at one shop but it sold out and no idea when they would have more. So got it at the next best price. Also this game was meant to cost £55 over here with the £5 added on by Activision.
Some of the big supermarkets here in UK are doing some nice prices on a fair few games, up to £15 cheaper than usual game shop prices.

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