Bioshock 2: Video shows Water Effects

New Trailer of Bioshock 2 shows Big Daddy gameplay and water Effects.

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mikeslemonade2983d ago

Are you kidding? That was total weak sauce. I mean the water that was flowing on the edge was polygonal.

zeeshan2983d ago

Screw the water effect, the drill looks aweful!

Major_Tom2983d ago

The water has no volume what so ever.

ThanatosDMC2983d ago

Well there isnt really a game that can full animate real water, i think. Most water falls effect are flat 2D animations as you could see in the first few seconds of this video.

thereapersson2983d ago

Just stand on a cliffside in the original Uncharted and look at the ocean. Run through a puddle in Uncharted 2, even. Both games exhibit excellent water effects.

The only downside to the first game was that the swimming didn't seem very realistic.

ColdFire2982d ago

It looks great, but the best water graphics/physics HAVE to go to CYROSTATIS, google it. Unbelievable stuff.

Bob Dole2982d ago

Lair has volumetric water/clouds/fire. The first game to have these things I believe.

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DelbertGrady2984d ago

Anyone got an alternative source? I don't visit those german trojan/pop-up sites anymore.

2983d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life2983d ago

Slightly disappointed.

Can't wait to play it though.

rafaleon2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Since they go multiplatform and after pretty average first part of the series, I've lost whole interest in this game.

cyclindk2983d ago

Why do you care if it's on consoles? I mean, I play Bio 1 on PC, but I don't see how it being on consoles affects anything.

bjornbear2983d ago

it always was multiplat:

360 & PC

then released a PS3 version with extra challange rooms and more content.

stupid anti-multiplat people,

you're so selfish, don't you want MORE people to play a good game?

darkequitus2983d ago

Argument makes no sense. Hate a game that was always multiplat for being multipat. Or is because it came on the PS3? Then how did that effect the game as a who. It did not.

CrippleH2983d ago

It always been Multi plat. MS paycheck just guaranteed that Bioshock wouldn't come to the PS3 for a year. An old article pretty much stated the fact.

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bjornbear2983d ago

but the atmosphere is quite awsum =) can't wait! =D

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