IncGamers: Star Trek Online Hands On Preview

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan boldly goes where not many gamers have gone before... into the Star Trek Online beta:

"In February, Cryptic Studios' highly-anticipated MMO Star Trek Online goes on sale, so we've been exploring the closed beta for the last week to see if the Trekkies will be pleased with what they find. As a massive Trek fan myself, I was keen to get stuck in and see what the game has to offer. As always, beware of plot spoilers as I take you through the first 20 hours or so of Star Trek Online."

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Redrudy2827d ago

Getting my key imminently, can not wait.

maxcer2827d ago

how do i get a key? sign up at INCgames?

Maticus2827d ago

Away missions are flippin excellent. Shame about the boring space fights though.

Malfurion2827d ago

Wow, is that one of the uniforms?! :P

2827d ago
2827d ago
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